Rosangelica Medina Barroeta Took Her Life Experiences And Wrote Them In “Beyond The Mirror.” Now She Is Working On A Second Book And More

Rosangelica Medina Barroeta is a Venezuelan, native of the city of Valencia from the state of Carabobo. She is the mother of two daughters, a businesswoman and someone who has become a source of inspiration for many people.

From a very young age she discovered that one of her passions was writing. She spent hours writing stories, poems, and even love letters. Although she did not know then, this would help her later in life.

When I was 19 years old I lived a series of events that unbalanced my life, and to fill that emptiness I opened the doors to the disease. Excessive physical exercise, a poor diet and the use of pills and injections to lose weight, were consuming me until I was practically on the verge of death.” Rosangelica shares. “One day looking at myself in front of a large mirror that I had in my room, I suffered a break and made a personal decision to move forward and overcome the ghosts of the disease. That instant in front of the mirror I felt the presence of God, urging me to undertake a personal battle that ended with my complete recovery.”

In the course of the recovery process she wrote her story which became a best seller on Amazon called “Beyond the mirror.” It sold over 3,000 copies in just nine hours. Besides this, she works in a multilevel company called Monat, what led her to start this type of business was the need to feel fulfilled as a woman and feel independent 

I was a housewife, and my husband supported me. While he worked I was at home with my two daughters. I was a full time mom and I dedicated myself to them and the house. But there came a time when I wanted to do something for myself, I wanted to grow economically, I wanted to do something besides being a mom. I wanted to feel fulfilled as a woman. But above all I wanted independence. I was told about a business opportunity, Monat, a marketing network. I did not hesitate, I decided to enter here. In November 2019, I started in Monat.” She says.

After all the experiences she has been through, Rosangelica understands that it is very important to have a strong mindset and to be positive and prepared for any obstacle that may arise. With a good mindset people can reach their destination despite the difficulties or obstacles.

Mindset is everything when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is important to have a winning mentality, triumphant, and positive. The mind often does not play in our favor and has so much power, but so much that can sink us or take us to the top. That is why working on a positive, strong mentality is key, many times we will find difficult situations along the way, and if you do not have a strong mind, in your favor, you will never be able to grow or do well because you will simply give up. But if you have a winning mentality, no matter the obstacles that come your way, you know you will be able to overcome them and you will win because your mind is already prepared.” Rosangelica states.

For some people success is having fame, being recognized, owning a bulging bank account or having a lot of assets. For Rosangelica, success is about giving to others.

I focus on helping others grow and prosper spiritually, personally and financially. This is true success for me, being part of the solution in someone else’s life!”

Looking ahead, Rosangelica is studying real estate, which is something she had wanted to do for a few years. She is also venturing into the restaurant industry, opening a new restaurant that will offer clients super tasty and healthy food.

“I am also working on my next book, which is a tremendous commitment due to the success of the first one. This one must be much better so I am demanding a lot from myself, I am sure it will be of great impact for thousands of women!”

Learn more about Rosangelica here

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