Shawn French Turned His Life Around Due to His Strong Mindset. Once His Performance in Life Skyrocketed, He Decided to Give Back and Help Others do the Same. Find Out More Below.

Inspiration can come from funny places. Oftentimes, when we are at our lowest points, we find the ability to rise above our biggest challenges and find that inspiration to move forward or change our lives. This was the case for Shawn French who found himself broke and at his own rock bottom in life. However, it was this period in his life that made him make an important change that would turn everything around for him.

“About 6 years ago I was dead broke and could barely afford to pay my bills. I had just begun a new career in Human Resource and Payroll sales for a very large company and I was struggling to make sales. It seemed that no matter how much training I did I couldn’t move the needle. My performance was lacking and if I am being honest, it scared me. I knew that something had to change if I was going to be successful and provide for my family,” Shawn recounts.

Shawn knew something needed to change. From that moment on, he decided to change his mindset and create an unbreakable mentality. And this paid off! Shawn skyrocketed to the top of his company. He is now running his own performance coaching company where he helps others develop the same mindset that helped put him on top.

“I run a high-performance coaching business where I help sales professionals, C-level executives and athletes create an unstoppable mindset that will allow them to be in the top 1% of their profession. Performers typically struggle because of limited belief mindsets and I help them reshape their thoughts and support them in thinking BIGGER for themselves,” Shawn details.

However, he goes farther than just helping people in similar situations and businesses that he worked in. Shawn teaches everyone his techniques no matter what they are trying to become better at because he is able to tailor everything to each individual and what they need in order to succeed.

“Whether you’re an athlete, sales professional or a corporation I am able to create custom plans in order to achieve the highest level of performance. While my methods are proven to be effective it takes a high level of commitment and action from my students in order to produce results. It’s like anything in life; it won’t work unless YOU DO!” Shawn exclaims.

Shawn’s advice to all of those who are looking to follow in his footsteps or to find their way from whatever bad place they are in is to be a problem solver!

There are always pain points out there and if you can figure out what they are you can invent the solution to those very issues. That is how the public will gravitate towards you!” Shawn advises. 

Shawn details all that he is doing in the future to continue helping people and keep his business going: 

“This year has been a year of explosive growth for my business. Moving forward for the rest of the year I have created a group coaching program where I can help hundreds of performers become UNSTOPPABLE. This program is launching within the month and I am very excited about having this offering to compliment my custom one on one mentee programs.”

To find out more about Shawn and his business, follow him on instagram here , checkout his website here, and checkout his Podcast here.

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