The Rise of Jerry Hernández: A Real Estate Success Story

Jerry Hernández, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, has a story marked by resilience, tenacity, and accomplishment, all driven by persistent self-confidence. Jerry’s story began with Jerry’s family making the life-altering journey to the United States, settling in the bustling neighborhoods of East Los Angeles. Raised in Boyle Heights, Jerry quickly adapted to […]

Purpose, and Personal Branding: The Story of Donny SilQ

Donny SilQ, is a dancer, and a young black entrepreneur, who has carved a unique path in the world of dance and business. Donny’s journey to entrepreneurship started at a young age.  “When it comes to me performing and being in front of people, it all began when I was 3,” says Donny SilQ. He […]

Unveiling the Multifaceted Ethan Malveaux: Historian, Author, and Visionary Educator

Ethan Malveaux is a historian, author, executive producer and a passionate advocate for education reform, who has dedicated part of his life to challenging the status quo in American schools. Born in October of 1979, Ethan’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming a respected educator, author, is a testament to his resilience and commitment […]

Passion in Action: Emilio Sánchez Entrepreneurial Legacy with Monarca Logistics

Emilio Sanchez is the founder and director of Monarca Logistics, a company revolutionizing the logistics industry. He is a visionary, dynamic, innovative, and highly recognized entrepreneur. Emilio, a single child raised in the North of Mexico has always been driven to succeed. He was a curious child, a relentless curiosity that caused him to explore […]

Yessy Rossell: Empowering Dreams and Real Estate

In the dynamic world of real estate, Yessy Rossell is a well-known real estate advisor and the co-founder of Loyalty Realtors Team Real Estate. She embodies strength, passion, and the fruits of hard work. Yessy is a native Venezuelan who graduated in accounting finance; she then arrived in Mexico in 2021. She faced numerous challenges, […]

Melisa Estrada: A Journey of Passion and Flavors

In social media, where culinary creations captivate our senses, Melisa Estrada Bustamante shines as a dedicated food influencer. Meli Tastes’s platform transcends the ordinary; she is a visionary businesswoman and culinary consultant with aspirations beyond the virtual landscape. Melisa’s journey started with her motivation to share her gastronomic moments with friends and family. However, determined […]

Learn From the Best: Join the VozzIT Community and Access Francisco Montalvo’s Experience and Advice 

Francisco Montalvo is the entrepreneur and founder of VozzIT, which provides training and mentoring to individuals and companies in key areas of communication. with a unique story and exceptional determination.  Since childhood, Francisco showed signs of extreme introversion, struggling with attention deficit, hyperactivity, and social phobia. Despite his challenges, baseball was his passion and his […]