Empowering Small Businesses in the Fashion Industry: Mary & Laura’s Journey

Two remarkable women have converged to create something truly extraordinary. Mary Avendaño and Laura Saldarriaga, each with a unique story that converges into a narrative of empowerment and change. Mary, a seasoned business mentor and strategist, draws wisdom from her roots and experiences as a mother and engineer. Laura, an international expert in Fashion Business […]

Camila Straschnoy Is Helping Brands And Business Owners Stay Relevant Through Innovative Strategies Based On Trend Forecasting

Camila Straschnoy is recognized as a brand strategist, trends researcher, keynote speaker, editor, creative storyteller, and educator in Miami Beach, FL. Camila holds a BA in fashion and textile design and an MFA in Visual Arts. In addition, she earned international diplomas in fashion marketing and trend forecasting. Her education, along with her extensive experience […]