Empowering Small Businesses in the Fashion Industry: Mary & Laura’s Journey

Two remarkable women have converged to create something truly extraordinary. Mary Avendaño and Laura Saldarriaga, each with a unique story that converges into a narrative of empowerment and change. Mary, a seasoned business mentor and strategist, draws wisdom from her roots and experiences as a mother and engineer. Laura, an international expert in Fashion Business and Merchandising, has traversed the globe, gathering insights and inspirations from diverse cultures. Together, they’ve harnessed their complementary knowledge to form a powerful partnership, igniting transformation within the small and medium-sized businesses of the fashion industry.

Mary Cruz Avendaño is no ordinary entrepreneur. With a background in Productivity and Quality Engineering and a Master’s in Commercial Management and Marketing, her journey is marked by resilience and a deep connection to her roots. 

“I believe that nature imparts wisdom and that majesty resides in strong, resilient women,” she shares. 

A mother and a daughter, Mary Cruz’s life experiences have guided her toward believing in the potential for change as a transformational force. She is not only a business mentor but also a coach and leader with over a decade of experience in organizational and commercial processes. 

“I also believe in you and the power you possess to transform your business,” she asserts.

Since 2023, Mary Cruz has been providing business coaching and strategic consulting services enriched with empathy and a human touch. Through personalized business mentoring, she helps entrepreneurs and leaders unlock their potential, enhance their performance, and lead with mindfulness. 

On the other side of this dynamic partnership stands Laura Saldarriaga, a professional in Fashion Business and Merchandising with nine years of international experience. Laura’s boundless curiosity and eagerness to learn have led her on adventures across the globe since the age of 20. 

“My energetic spirit has introduced me to people from all corners of the world, inspiring me to believe that transformation is possible and originates from within each of us,” she shares. 

In 2022, Laura founded Aurum Creative Consulting, a boutique consultancy agency specializing in creative strategy within the fashion sector. Her expertise and focus on empowerment, combined with a change-maker mentality, enable her to guide brands toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

Mary and Laura’s paths converged through their own entrepreneurial journeys and crucial moments in their respective businesses. They identified in each other the complementary pair that not only shares a passion for advising and transforming companies but also possesses complementary knowledge. 

Mary and Laura are dedicated to the comprehensive transformation of small and medium-sized businesses in the fashion sector. Their primary focus is on dreamers, entrepreneurs, and SMEs in transition.

“We aim to be the strategic support needed to turn dreams into reality,” they emphasize.

For Mary and Laura, entrepreneurship has been a journey marked by challenges and triumphs. One of the significant hurdles they’ve observed is the lack of knowledge regarding the intricacies of starting and running a business. They stress that entrepreneurship is more than just selling products or services; it requires understanding processes, planning, and strategy.

Laura advises aspiring entrepreneurs to clearly define their dreams for their companies, going beyond mere sales figures. She encourages them to consider the impact they want to create.

Mary’s advice revolves around the idea that dreams are built one step at a time. Every step may come with challenges, but these are part of the learning process.

Looking to the future, Mary aims to elevate her brand, Providencia Swimwear, to international prominence. She also intends to expand her support to the dreams of even more individuals.

Laura’s vision includes growing Aurum into an international consulting agency that guides creative companies through transformation.

Mary and Laura’s service approach sets them apart. They offer an integrated service that supports their clients’ dreams from both creative and strategic angles. They are the perfect duo, combining creative and concrete expertise.  Their combined knowledge of business strategy, creative direction, and holistic transformation is a recipe for unparalleled growth.

Click here to learn more about Mary and here about Laura and Aurum.

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