Almost Half of All Business Leaders Wanders Between Past and Future: Learn How To Focus On the Present and Maximize Your Leadership

Carlos Fernández (CAFE), renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur, is a leading figure in the world of personal and business development in Latin America. He currently offers conferences and workshops in leading companies in the region. His focus is on topics such as motivation, leadership, organizational change, teamwork, and creativity. The motivation to start his business […]

US attack kills top ISIS leader in Syria

A US strike in Syria has killed a senior ISIS leader who planned attacks in Europe, US Central Command (Centcom) said in a statement. The attack, carried out on Monday, was a “unilateral” US operation that killed Khalid ‘Aydd Ahmad al-Jabouri, Centcom said in a statement posted on Twitter. Al-Jabouri was a senior ISIS figure […]

Meet Dewayne Moore: The Former Football Player, Coach, Community Activist and Leader Who Is Making an Extraordinary Impact on Society Through His Foundation

Dewayne Moore is a former football player and coach turned, global visioning, provocative thinker, who has passion for healthy transformation in individuals, organizations and the world. He is also a teacher and a writer who seeks to not only motivate, but deliver practical tools for sustained empowerment . Currently, he has shared this message of […]

Bastiano Farran, An Inspiring Leader Who Has Dedicated His Life To Helping Others

Leadership in the 21st century will be leading through constant change, volatility, uncertainty and continuous technological disruptions. Few next generation leaders emerged and proved their ability to lead at scale during the most turbulent times known until today. These leaders like Bastiano Farran are masters of change and resilience.  Bastiano Farran is an entrepreneur and […]