Bastiano Farran, An Inspiring Leader Who Has Dedicated His Life To Helping Others

Leadership in the 21st century will be leading through constant change, volatility, uncertainty and continuous technological disruptions. Few next generation leaders emerged and proved their ability to lead at scale during the most turbulent times known until today. These leaders like Bastiano Farran are masters of change and resilience. 

Bastiano Farran is an entrepreneur and a business adviser who succeeded in creating a substantial impact on industries, large companies, communities, and in the lives of people around him. His diverse  work, charismatic leadership style, and fun lifestyle won the attention of numerous people from around the world.

“Coming from a small town, I was brought up being told that I can’t achieve big things. When I was 23, I made $3 million in one month through a unique fundraiser idea I had. The money went to creating hospitals for children with cancer in Africa. That was one of my awakenings when I realized the great things we can achieve in life once we set our minds to it. I learned the importance of setting big goals, and smaller milestones to get there.“ Bastiano shares.

Since then, Bastiano has impacted the lives of millions through high impact programs in 16 countries. He ran a women’s empowerment program in Africa where he was able to help over 25 groups of women become entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

My exposure to these unique experiences taught me to stay grounded and keep learning. It also gave me hands-on experience in implementing strategies that would later define how few large companies conduct business. I decided to dedicate myself to work that would create an impact on the world.” Bastiano says.

Indeed, Bastiano has a wealth of experience that has allowed him to be selected as an Advisor for the U.S. Department of Commerce to provide a successful strategy that increased jobs in the United States. 

In 2020, as businesses and entrepreneurs struggle with the pandemic, I saw opportunities to create multiple profitable businesses that leverage the surge in digitization and the shift to a “New Normal”.” He recounts.

With his actionable strategies, Bastiano was responsible for the survival of many companies during the pandemic, of which some are fortune 100 companies. He created strategies that would help companies achieve both rapid agility during crisis and long-term success. 

In 2017, he created a unique fintech company that combines machine learning and design thinking to create enhanced customer experiences for mortgage companies.

We asked Bastiano what advice he would give small business owners and entrepreneurs that are trying to make it out there, he mentioned:

“I would give 4 pieces of advice to people starting their own businesses:

1 –  Develop the right Mindset: Achieving big goals requires obtaining and maintaining a mindset that keeps you going on your lowest days and in-check on your high days. Successful Entrepreneurs are resilient. They are the ones that were able to roll with the punches long enough until they got comfortable with it. Have a positive mindset that is focused on the end goal and a resilient character that keeps you going long enough until you achieve your goals. Never doubt yourself, and never doubt your ability to accomplish what you really want in life.   

2 – Focus on your customers: A common mistake people do is falling in love with their products and services instead of their customers. To be successful it is imperative to structure your goals, strategies and operations around delivering value for your customers. Clearly understand what your customer needs are, and relentlessly ask if what you are doing caters to your customers’ needs. 

3 –  Invest in your teams and people: You can only achieve so much on your own. The only way to scale is by creating teams and truly caring about their success and development. Invest in your people and develop a culture that empowers them. This will allow you to attract talented people, and it will reflect on your company’s performance.

4 – Finally, be clear on your priorities: Understand what your goals are behind starting your business. Is it an additional source of income, a desire to give back to the world, access to a new industry or market, becoming your own boss, love for innovation or whatever you really want. Then structure your goals very clearly around achieving this. Keep in mind that your most valuable asset is time and not money or anything else. Spend your time doing things you are passionate about, and moving towards what you really want in life.He advises.  

When unforeseen events occur that push people and businesses out of their comfort zone, people tend to get consumed with immediate consequence, such as loss in revenue or market share. Conversely, Bastiano’s diverse life experiences taught him the art of rapidly adapting to changes. His focus remains on “What emerging opportunities emerge with these new circumstances? How can we re-position ourselves for success? How can we deliver value to the changing customer needs?” This is something Bastiano demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 Bastiano observed the impact it had on different industries, and the accelerated emergence of new megatrends. He noticed the rapid ecommerce, digitization, AI, health product, and new consumer behaviour. As an adviser, he helped in creating solutions that allowed companies and to shift resources and operations and stay on top of the new trends. This enabled companies to achieve a competitive advantage throughout the pandemic, and remain competitive on the long run with the new normal

What makes Bastiano unique is that he dedicated himself and his success to trying to “make the world a better place”. His main motivation comes from creating an impact on the world. On many occasions, Bastiano went out of his way to lead large scale programs that help people and communities around the world.

“The more I gave in life, organically I gained much more in return. For example, my work for children with cancer was the first step in building my network, even if that was not the intention. The free coaching I gave entrepreneurs and business provided me with great friends who were there for me when I needed them. The women’s empowerment program in Africa taught me how to remain humble and think out of the box as I develop strategies that work for emerging markets. ” He adds.

Bastiano’s upcoming projects include an artificial intelligence project, as well as his coaching and mentoring work for new business leaders and owners. There are also rumors that Bastiano might be producing and acting in a TV show on Netflix.

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