Russia launches first moon mission in almost 50 years

A rocket carrying a lunar landing craft blasted off from the Vostochny spaceport in the far eastern Amur region. It’s expected to reach its destination on 23 August, the same day as an Indian vessel that launched last month. Russia’s craft, Luna-25, will take about five and a half days to travel around the moon, […]

Anti-Putin paramilitary group says there will be more incursions into Russia

A group claiming to be behind a recent strike in the Russian border region of Belgorod have said they will launch more incursions in future. Denis Kapustin (also known as Denis Nikitin), the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, was speaking on the Ukrainian side of the border with Russia a day after his group […]

‘Share your secrets about Ukraine war,’ CIA tells Russians

The CIA has urged Russians to share their secrets about the Ukraine war in a new video posted on social media.  The Russian-language video was first posted on Telegram – a social media site used widely by both sides in the war – as well as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. “We want to reach those […]

Sister of Paul Whelan presses White House to bring her brother home

The sister of Paul Whelan, a US citizen who is wrongfully detained in Russia, on Thursday expressed frustration at her brother’s continued imprisonment in Russia and called on the White House to bring him home. “Paul Whelan deserves better than he is getting for results. He has the White House’s attention to his case and […]

Russia fires cruise missiles in waters off Japan during a training exercise

The Russian Pacific Fleet fired a pair of supersonic missiles Tuesday morning at a simulated target in waters off the coast of Japan, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “A team of two missile boats carried out a joint missile attack against a sea shield simulating a simulated enemy warship,” the ministry said in a Telegram […]

A military plane crashes in a residential area in Russia

A Russian SU-34 fighter jet crashed into a residential building in the city of Yeysk on Monday, Russian state media TASS reported. It is unclear how many people were on the fighter. According to testimony TASS received from an eyewitness, firefighters and ambulances have arrived at the scene. “A plane has crashed in our city, […]

Russia to resume flights with 52 ‘friendly’ countries, PM says

Russia plans to end restrictions on flights to and from 52 countries after April 9, part of its plans to reduce measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Monday. Russia plans to resume flights to and from Argentina, South Africa and other “friendly countries”, Mishustin said, meaning those […]