‘Share your secrets about Ukraine war,’ CIA tells Russians

The CIA has urged Russians to share their secrets about the Ukraine war in a new video posted on social media. 

The Russian-language video was first posted on Telegram – a social media site used widely by both sides in the war – as well as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

“We want to reach those brave Russians who feel compelled by the Russian government’s unjust war to engage the CIA and ensure they do so as securely as possible,” a CIA official said.

The highly produced two-minute video with dramatic music is captioned: “Why I made contact with the CIA: My decision.”

It appears to tell the story of a bureaucrat and his family, as well as showing Russians going about their daily lives as they weigh up the decision of contacting the CIA.

“People around you may not want to hear the truth,” the video’s narrator says.

“But we do. You are not powerless. Connect with us in a safe way.

“To be a hero means to persevere, but to persevere – it doesn’t mean to endure in vain.”

“In today’s Russia, it remains very difficult to speak out and telling the truth often carries serious consequences. The CIA wants to know the truth about Russia and we are looking for trustworthy people who can tell it to us and with whom we can communicate securely,” a CIA official added.

Meanwhile, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman suggested authorities in Russia would be able to track people if they followed the CIA video’s instructions.

She called the video “a very convenient resource for tracking applicants”.

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