Georgina Mazzeo Is The Venezuelan Model, and Influencer With a Worldwide Presence

Modeling is one of the most glamorous professions in the world. Media is advancing day by day and hence there is a huge demand for models every day. Therefore, models are the reflection of our interests, our era, and our society. In that sense, Georgina Mazzeo is a successful international model, influencer and brand ambassador. […]

Meet Alex Fahmy: The Social Media Expert Behind Some of Your Favorite Athletes 

(Alex Fahmy (right) with College Basketball Legend, Kris Jenkins.) Sometimes our childhood experiences influence our growth and development both personally and professionally. This was the case for Alex Fahmy who grew up a big football and basketball fan. As Fahmy got older, he would reach out to athletes via social media to try and offer […]

Keerthi Krishnaiah- the Social Media Influencer and Actress in the Making

Meet actress and social media influencer Keerthi Krishnaiah. Based in Michigan, working as  Post Production/Marketing assistant at Kyyba Films, Farmington – MI. Keerthi has been a well rounded artist since childhood. Born and raised in India but moved to America to fulfill all her dreams. She has been recognized by Indian Producer K. Mustafa, for […]

Getting DMs About His Fitness Routine, Jay Jackson Realized He Could Use The Power Of Social Media And His Knowledge Of Proper Diet And Exercise To Create A Coaching Business To Help Others

Jay Jackson was an athlete from a young age who realized the importance of keeping your body fit through proper training. He was slowly beginning to publicize his routine and his habits when social media began to explode and everyone was looking to get involved. Jay knew he had an amazing opportunity to help people […]