‘Pandemic of snow’: Alaska hit by record snowfall

A “pandemic of snow” has covered a city in Alaska, causing the roofs of commercial buildings to collapse – with officials urging residents to get out their shovels to avoid a similar fate at home. Home to just under 300,000 people, Anchorage is no stranger to cold winters. But this time, the city has already […]

Libya floods: At least 30,000 displaced, with fatalities expected to rise significantly

At least 30,000 people have been displaced in the town hardest hit by floods in Libya. Meanwhile, a minister has said 5,300 bodies in the country’s east have been recovered – with the number of fatalities expected to rise significantly. Officials are appealing for international help, and have warned Libya doesn’t have the necessary experience […]

Historic rain hits South Florida: schools and the Fort Lauderdale airport close

The historic rain in the Fort Lauderdale area was described to CNN as a “1 in 1,000 year event, or more,” according to meteorologist Ana Torres-Vázquez of the National Weather Service’s forecast office in Miami. Rainfall of 20 to 25 inches is similar to what the area can receive with a high-level hurricane over the […]

Boston and New York prepare for their biggest snowfall of the season

As a major storm system moves across the central United States and the Great Lakes region, the cities of Boston and New York are expecting their biggest snowfall of the season after an unusually warm winter, according to CNN meteorologists. . According to the National Weather Service, the two cities are under a winter advisory, […]

Chaos in the US: there are already thousands of canceled and delayed flights

More and more canceled flights are piling up for Christmas Eve in the United States. Snow, rain, ice, wind, and freezing temperatures are disrupting air travel plans across the United States. Airlines have canceled more than 2,200 flights scheduled for Thursday through 4:30 p.m. Miami time and proactively canceled more than 1,660 flights for Friday, […]