Learn From the Best: Join the VozzIT Community and Access Francisco Montalvo’s Experience and Advice 

Francisco Montalvo is the entrepreneur and founder of VozzIT, which provides training and mentoring to individuals and companies in key areas of communication. with a unique story and exceptional determination.  Since childhood, Francisco showed signs of extreme introversion, struggling with attention deficit, hyperactivity, and social phobia. Despite his challenges, baseball was his passion and his […]

Powering Up the Sunshine State: Volt Solar Energy’s Strategic Move into Central Florida

Volt Solar Energy has taken a significant step towards expanding its reach and services by announcing its entry into Central Florida. With this move, the company intends to create more awareness among homeowners, sellers, and industry organizations about its commitment to providing top-quality solar solutions. The aim is to ensure that everyone in the region […]

Chinese hackers preparing to ‘wreak havoc’ on US, warns FBI chief Christopher Wray

Cyber hackers working for the Chinese government are preparing to “wreak havoc” on the US, FBI director Christopher Wray is warning. Critical infrastructure such as water treatment plants, the electrical grid, and transportation systems are being targeted to cause “real-world harm” to American citizens, he will tell US politicians on Wednesday. Mr Wray will speak […]

US central bank takes step towards first rate cut but signals extended caution

The US central bank has raised expectations that interest rate cuts are around the corner, but also signaled it wants more evidence that easing inflation is sustainable. The Federal Reserve kept its core interest rate range steady between 5.25-5.5% following the first meeting of its Federal Open Market Committee in 2024. Its statement to accompany […]

‘Pandemic of snow’: Alaska hit by record snowfall

A “pandemic of snow” has covered a city in Alaska, causing the roofs of commercial buildings to collapse – with officials urging residents to get out their shovels to avoid a similar fate at home. Home to just under 300,000 people, Anchorage is no stranger to cold winters. But this time, the city has already […]

Enrique Duarte: Architect of Global Connections in Mexico’s Business Landscape

Enrique Duarte, the renowned international strategic director at EDMX Consulting in Mexico, stands as a paragon of resilience, strategic vision, and commitment to fostering global connections. With his exceptional expertise in creating cross-border alliances and adapting to the evolving business landscape, Enrique has positioned EDMX Consulting at the forefront of international business consultancy. “My career’s […]