Enrique Duarte: Architect of Global Connections in Mexico’s Business Landscape

Enrique Duarte, the renowned international strategic director at EDMX Consulting in Mexico, stands as a paragon of resilience, strategic vision, and commitment to fostering global connections. With his exceptional expertise in creating cross-border alliances and adapting to the evolving business landscape, Enrique has positioned EDMX Consulting at the forefront of international business consultancy.

“My career’s trajectory, shaped by precision, strategy, and adaptability, has been instrumental across varied sectors, including construction, business development, mining, and manufacturing,” Enrique reflects. 

It’s this diverse experience that propelled him to launch EDMX Consulting in 2021, during a period marked by the China-U.S. trade war. Recognizing the trend of companies diversifying their supply chains, Enrique leveraged Mexico’s strategic location as a gateway for businesses aiming to internationalize.

“I envisioned a unique pathway to assist foreign companies in thriving by establishing their presence in Mexico,” Enrique notes.

Under Enrique’s stewardship, EDMX Consulting emerged as a crucial player in expanding a specialized carbon fiber manufacturing company from the US into the Mexican market. This project not only navigated significant regulatory challenges but also generated considerable operational savings, showcasing Enrique’s ability to turn complex scenarios into successful ventures.

In another remarkable case, EDMX Consulting facilitated the launch of a complete assembly line for an American manufacturing company in Mexico in under three months. This success story underscores the effectiveness of EDMX’s ‘Market Entry Accelerator’ program, offering comprehensive market analysis, strategic partnership development, and tailored solutions to expedite operations initiation.

Enrique’s approach to business, which he describes as “Strategic alchemy – transforming challenges into opportunities,” is deeply ingrained in EDMX Consulting’s ethos. With services ranging from sourcing reliable suppliers to strategic expansion planning, logistics, supply chain management, local talent recruitment, project management, and regulatory compliance, EDMX distinguishes itself through its bespoke and comprehensive strategies. 

“Building bridges, not walls, and thinking globally are at the core of what we do,” Enrique asserts.

For those venturing into entrepreneurship, Enrique advises trust in instincts, adaptability, openness to criticism, and building solid relationships. “Initiate and adapt to market needs over time. Embrace people as potential teammates, be open to critique, and stay adaptable,” he recommends.

For Enrique, success transcends financial gains. It’s about the impact created, personal fulfillment, and bringing positive change while continuously developing both personally and professionally.

Looking ahead, Enrique has ambitious plans for EDMX Consulting. The firm aims to become the leading strategic partner for businesses entering the Latin American market, with a focus on sustainable and innovative growth strategies. In tandem, Enrique is keen on expanding his role on various boards and societies, drawing from a wealth of experience to learn from industry leaders.

For those looking to navigate the vibrant and complex Mexican market, Enrique and his team at EDMX Consulting are the go-to experts. Contact EDMX Consulting today for a personalized session on expanding your operations into Mexico, and embark on a journey of strategic success and innovation.

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