Some 22,000 migrants wait in shelters and makeshift camps in three cities in Mexico

There are approximately 22,000 migrants sleeping in shelters, on the streets and in makeshift camps in three cities in northern Mexico, city officials and migrant advocates told CNN. That number is expected to rise as Title 42, a pandemic-era law that allows US border agents to immediately turn away immigrants who cross the southern border […]

United States President Joe Biden will travel to Mexico next month to attend a North American Leaders Summit, the White House reported Tuesday.

The president will be in Mexico City between January 9 and 10, said John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the National Security Council. The summit will bring together Biden with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. The North American Leaders Summit is typically an […]

An allure of rebellion and known for its loyalty, discover Firme Mezcal

“Come take a ride with us on this voyage across borders. From the slopes of the sunny hills of Oaxaca, magueys bathe with the warm rays of the sun”, Firme Mezcal a spirit product sold by an international import company, Baja United Imports, and owned and operated by Ochoa Imports LLC a company owned by […]

Consortium 39: The Office of The Wealthy Politicians of Mexico

Today we reveal what a political campaign is in the richest and most advanced state of Mexico: Nuevo León If we believe in Monterey, the financial capital of Mexico only 200 km south of Texas is on the way to being the first world, we will have to review this various times. A leak of […]

How Erika Garcia Created a Direct Market for Travel to Mexico for the Holidays

It’s easy to equate business owners as only being concerned with profits, products, and the bottom line. Not so for Erika Garcia – her business, first and foremost, is a people business. In her own words, Erika describes her business as a business of wants and dreams. “People remember their fears and want to overcome […]