A Look Inside Fashion Brand preneLOVE’s Commitment to Gender Equality and Style Mastery

The story of preneLOVE and its powerful partnership with Daniela Tablante.

PreneLOVE is a recognized fashion brand with a solid commitment to gender equality and a dedication to creating handbag accessories that embody both style and empowerment. It is redefining what it means to carry oneself with confidence in today’s world.

For preneLOVE, inspiration is a continuous journey of exploration. The brand draws its creativity from nature, urban landscapes and the everyday lives of its customers. Authenticity and innovation are vital components of all of its designs. It focuses on motivating and empowering women to embrace their inner strength and confidence while celebrating their individuality.

“Love What You Carry and Live Mighty.” This is preneLOVE’s motto, which symbolizes the brand’s belief in confidently and boldly expressing yourself. 


Staying ahead of the curve is no easy feat in fashion. Yet, for preneLOVE, it’s not just about keeping up—it’s about setting the standard. With determined dedication and a solid eye for detail, preneLOVE continues to redefine handbag accessories, with one clever innovation after another.

“This is what sets us apart,” the preneLOVE team emphasizes. “We believe that small details matter. It’s not always about coming up with new designs; it’s often about taking an existing handbag design and improving it.”


PreneLOVE doesn’t settle for merely offering a stylish accessory. Instead, it goes the extra mile to ensure that versatility and functionality are woven into every product it launches. Its best-in-class London Woven Large Tote Bags are proof of its commitment to excellence. From the innovative dual-function crossbody/wristlet with a fabulous gunmetal chain strap to the removable vegan-leather base for easy cleaning, every element has been meticulously crafted by preneLOVE to elevate the customer experience.

But preneLOVE’s dedication to innovation doesn’t stop there. For future projects, the brand aims to announce the expansion of its fashionable sports bags, including tennis and pickleball bags, as well as an all-new Hipster Puffer crossbody bag. Designed for fun-loving busy women who appreciate the freedom of being hands-free, this bag is as practical as it is stylish. And, of course, no preneLOVE collection would be complete without an array of fabulous new colourways.

PreneLOVE’s success lies in its commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Each day begins with a focus on addressing its customers’ needs and feedback, ensuring that their experience remains at the highest level, and fostering a culture of trust and loyalty.



Beyond fashion, preneLOVE has a solid commitment to empowering women on a global scale. By collaborating with Plan International’s Because I am a Girl program and developing local partnerships, preneLOVE strives to make a significant difference in the lives of women and girls through regular donations every month.

Additionally, the brand donates products to the annual Girls Inc. of Durham’s Power of the Purse fundraiser, which helps girls ages 16 to 18 in more than 1,200 cities across the United States and Canada to grow strong. It offers them a good education, health care and freedom of choice, demonstrating that fashion can also be a movement toward inclusivity and positive change.



The partnership between preneLOVE and the media entrepreneur and model Daniela Tablante showcases the brand’s commitment to authenticity. “The best way to describe working with Daniela is that it feels good, right and effortless. She gets us; we get her,” says a member of the preneLOVE team. “PreneLOVE is proud to have her as a highly valued and respected business partner.”

With their shared values and mutual respect, the collaborators are poised for success; preneLOVE and Tablante are set to make a difference as they embark on new projects together.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity that preneLOVE has given me,” Tablante shares. “We have evolved a lot in just one year. I am beyond blessed to work with a company that has always considered my creative ideas, allowing my company and [me] to grow professionally.”

With its dedicated focus on gender equality, innovative design and global impact, preneLOVE is paving the way for a more vibrant and inclusive future in fashion.

Want to learn more about the preneLOVE brand and start loving what you carry? Explore preneLOVE handbags at preneLOVE.ca.

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