A Random Moment with His Son Helped Raul Sanchez Create a Business that Would Change Lives. Find Out More Below.

Raul Sanchez had a difficult start to his life. He had a hardworking mom, but lacked a father figure in his life. This led to a lot of family struggles that led to difficulties in his life. He became a father at a young age, but this was not the end of his story, but rather the beginning of something bigger. His kid, Tyler, was struggling with behavioral issues and Raul went to investigate.

“One day when I came home, my wife was telling me all the bad behavior our toddler, Tyler, was having. I walked toward him and realized he ran to hide. When I found him, he was crying. He said he was afraid of me because I was just going to spank him. I cried. I did not know what to do so I went on a long run and was visited by flashbacks of getting punched in the face by my father-figure. I cried out to God knowing I needed serious help because I had no clue what to do to become a contagious dad—one that my kids ran and jumped on rather than ran away. In short, I changed majors from athletic training and found behavioral psychology,” Raul recounts.

Raul’s traction in the world of behavioral psychology quickly gained speed. He realized that he had a major talent and was excited to get to use it to help others. As his expertise grew in notoriety, Raul decided to make his own business out of to expand his reach and formalize his practice.

“I am a Clinical Psychologist and own Renewing the Mind Clinic. We deliver emotional, behavioral, and psychological services to children, adolescents, and adults. I am growing my executive coaching and speaking programs. I deliver a Renew, Move, and Find coaching model that sets executives free from the conflicting mindsets of being a top performer for the company while neglecting the goal of being a top performer at home,” Raul states.

However, this is not the only thing that Raul does. He is also a sports coach! He has helped many players take their sports performance to the next level and shaken them out of their slump. His reach and coaching expertise knows no bounds!

“I am also a sports performance coach and have helped hundreds of athletes earn their next level through renewing their perspective of a slump. Bruce Lee said, “pain leaves when the lesson is learned,” and I truly believe unlocking mindsets is my secret sauce to promoting athletes to their next level! 

Let’s have a conversation and see if you have enough awareness to start renewing, moving, and finding with RTM Executive Coaching!” Raul says.

What makes Raul different from the rest of the behavioural psychologists is that he has lived the experience that his patients are enduring. He has struggled through depression and many mental health issues, but this has helped make him the person he is today. Instead of seeing this as an inhibitor to his success, he has used them to create something that can help others.

“I was in special education reading classes until 6th grade. I became a father at 17 years old. Yes, this is my launch pad into adulthood. 

Since then I graduated from North Dakota State University with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. My son and my wife went to college with me where I played college football and my wife also graduated with her bachelors degree! I went on to earn my Ph.D. and have 23 years of clinical psychology practice.

I am different because I have overcome so much in my past that it is second nature to me. I not only have the knowledge but I also have the application steps that make success a very possible endeavor as long as you do not quit on yourself in the process!” Raul exclaims.

To find out more about Raul, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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