Asset E-Commerce Brings A Unique and Passionate Perspective To The E-Commerce Market

After 8 years of running his own e-commerce stores and crafting his own method, Gregory Cooke founded Asset E-Commerce. At 15 years old, Gregory learned about the possibility of buying and selling products online and, 8 weeks later, he was making $1500 a week. From there, he set up his own brand selling unique dog collars. This business taught him the do’s and dont’s of the e-commerce business and served as the kickstarter to his career. Gregory didn’t learn from a course or a coach, but instead through pure instinct and passion for what he was selling and the brand he was building. 

After seeing the industry flooded with courses, coaches, or done for you “turn-key” stores that sold people identical stores, Asset E-Commerce was born from a strong moral compass to give people something that actually works. While dropshipping may be seen as a quick easy way to make money, the people who are just in it for the money never make it work because they don’t care about the products they are selling and are not invested in the business. What makes the Asset E-Commerce method of “Asset Branding” so unique is their concept of building a brand that you fall in love with, while at the same time building a long term brand that you can sell down the line. 

“If making money is your only goal when starting a drop shipping or an e-commerce store and you do not truly care about the customer or what you are selling then you will fail. If you take the business seriously, follow our P.S.S.P Formula (problem, statistic, solution, product) and deeply care about the people you are serving and the products you are selling them, then your chances of success will skyrocket. We always tell people to stop building e-commerce stores and start building an asset and a brand,” states Gregory. 

Asset E-Commerce runs a Done For You Mentorship E-Commerce Brand Building business, where they take frustrated drop shippers or people looking to start their own e-commerce business, and build them a real e-commerce brand that solves a unique problem in the world that they care about. Their business model focuses on building e-commerce stores with the mindset of creating a real brand that eventually becomes a valuable asset the owners can scale or sell. Their model is based on four crucial pillars that transform our client’s e-commerce success: Customer Obsession, Long Term Vision, Constant Innovation, Marketing/Advertising is not an expense but an investment. 

“Whilst the rest of the industry focuses on Facebook groups, likes, comments, courses and coaches… we laser focus on results. Our client waiting list is as long as your complaints about your current coach/course. […] We not only build genuine high quality brands but then being the one stop shop and world class support for everything they need to have true long term e-commerce success,” shares Gregory. 

Because they are so customer obsessed, everything that Asset E-Commerce does revolves around their clients. This means that they are constantly adapting the business to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations and demands. This allows them to become more innovative and grow as a business. 

Based on recent information about the global e-commerce market, it is evident that there is a huge demand for this type of business. The processes, procedures, personnel, and philosophy of Asset E-Commerce is set up to build branded stores for people who are taking advantage of the e-commerce rush, and build brands that make the world a better place. Through their philosophy, they are working towards becoming the market leaders in e-commerce start-ups and turn normal everyday people into owners of global e-commerce empires and create the Amazon’s of tomorrow. 

“I always say business is 90% mindset and 10% execution. In fact the chokehold of every business is the mindset of its business leaders. Mindset allows you to endure and even overcome challenges that you’ll inevitably face in your business. In short, mindset makes you more resourceful with the right attitude that lets you overcome business obstacles regardless of difficulty,” says Gregory. 

Check out Asset E-Commerce on Instagram here. You can also learn more about their services on their website, and most importantly, make sure you don’t miss out on their FREE E-Commerce Branding Secrets Course

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