Being Healthy Can Be Easy! Randy Rodrio, Fitness Model, Helps You Have a Balanced Healthier Lifestyle

Taking care of yourself can be overwhelming. Life has many things going on. Work, studies, having a couple, going out with your friends, doing your chores, having a pet, cooking, hydrating yourself, exercising. Sometimes it’s just too much. So much so that you forget that you don’t only have to eat, but eat healthy; it’s not just drinking water, it’s drinking enough; and it’s not only exercising, it’s doing it with a purpose to improve your physical health. 

When you’re so immersed in the other things going on with your life, how can you remember to consciously stay healthy? Thankfully, Randy Rodrio is here to help with that!  Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but raised in North Carolina, Randy offers the best health and fitness training! He is a fitness model and health coach and helps you have balanced feeding habits and lifestyle. 

From a young age, Randy has had a love for the gym and fitness. He felt that this was a load of self-love that he began to give himself from that moment on. Later, he started playing tennis and focused on his well-being, increasing his physical conditions through time. 

Also, he has always learned how to eat balanced and healthy food. His father, being a chef, taught him how to eat healthy and delicious food. Randy lived in Italy for 2 years, where he learned about the culture, food and its people. To him, this has been a life changing experience that helped him grow as a person. At 24 years old, he joined the American army as an Airborne soldier, which allowed him to increase his fitness while serving his country. 

Now, he dedicates his life to spread the fitness lifestyle and help other people become healthier. What made him turn his passion into his business was precisely the love he has for it. “Many times when I was analyzing my options (on what to do with my life), I realized that most human beings spend half of our lives working to generate an income that allows us to live and enjoy what the world has to offer. But in this, many people tend to  forget about important things like daily nutrition, good habits and physical activity. So I saw an opportunity to work in something that brings me so much to my day to day. I gain money and gain health. Obviously, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but with discipline it can be managed”, comments Randy.

A mix of his experiences and knowledge in nutrition and physical training made him believe that more people could benefit from what benefited him. After getting out of the army at the end of 2021, he felt encouraged to start his business and begin helping others. 

For his future plans, Randy will create a Youtube channel and vlog for his fitness content. Additionally, he will launch his e-book “Xcoliosis Fit”, a guide to have a carnivore healthy nutrition and different exercises routines for beginners. On a personal level, he wants to travel to Asia and create diverse content there. Follow Randy here and begin your journey to a healthier life now! 

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