Chase Skylar DeMayo is a U.S. Air Force Veteran Whose Near-Death Experience Changed His Life Forever

Chase Skylar DeMayo is a U.S. Air Force veteran who had a near-death experience in 2008. He had a cardiac arrest after which he basically died and came back to live. Once he did, he had a completely different understanding of the world around him and his life purpose changed.

Chase’s near-death experience has allowed him to share his story to be a source of motivation for others. Since then, he has been a motivational speaker dedicated to helping others find purpose.

“I’m a motivational speaker that helps others heal and process. I have a passion to help veterans and others ‘Chase the Light’ and find what makes them happy again. When I died, I came back with a better understanding of what to seek and appreciate while here. We are surrounded with light and love and we just need to choose to admire it.” Chase shares.

Chase was born in Orlando, Florida, and grew up with his six siblings adopted by his grandparents, where he discovered at a young age what love, acceptance, and family meant.

After a near-death experience from cardiac arrest in 2008, while stationed at Langley Air Force Base, Chase kept his experience private for fear of prosecution and retaliation for twelve years, until now. Attending a 2020 mental health retreat for veterans pushed Chase to grow a new passion for helping other veterans and those who support them.

I am passionate about helping veterans and others ‘Chase the Light’ and find what makes them happy again. When I died, I came back with a better understanding of what to look for and appreciate while I was here. I care deeply about my fellow veterans and helping people heal. I have a true calling and gift to help others find joy in their lives again after a past trauma.” He explains.

Chase cares very deeply about other veterans given his career in the Air Force. His near-death experience pointed him in the right direction to find the things he loves and so he continues to live each day as if it were his last.

Since I’ve died before, I know how important it is to find happiness while I’m here. Why wait for tomorrow when something can make you smile today? Cliché though it may be, it’s true that we choose happiness every day.” Chase states. “I would also advise to be genuine. Be yourself. Do not fake who you are or compare yourself to someone else. Don’t be a mold of someone else successful. We all have personal journeys and stories and you sell yourself short by trying to steal someone elses journey or dreams.”

While there are people in the world who worry about their competitors, Chase, after having traveled a road full of experiences, believes that he is not competition for anyone and that the only obstacle he can find in his way is himself.

If my story can help one person I have fulfilled my purpose …. If I can help a hundred then I consider it better for everyone. Making time to be passionate about the things I am passionate about. I am my only obstacle.” He adds.

Today Chase is in the process of writing a book that will be a realistic guide to help and motivate others who are “Chasing the Light.” It will be about finding what makes people smile and continually finding happiness and laughter in their life. He is also pursuing a degree in alternative medicine and volunteering with the Wounded Warrior Project.

“It’s important to remember that too often we choose to not be happy. As odd as it sounds, we decide daily to avoid pure joy and go the easy way to being upset. Chasing the Light is about finding what makes you smile and continually finding happiness and laughter in your life. What did you want to be when you were a child? Can you do something similar now at your age? Wanted to be a ballerina? Take a Barre Class. Wanted to be an astronaut? Go visit a grown up space camp. There’s a reason we wanted that for ourselves when we were kids – it’s not too late to find that again.” Chase states.

To learn more about Chase click here.

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