Christina Babb, Better Known as Christina the CEO, Never Wanted to Have Bad Credit. Unfortunately, Life Didn’t Work Out That Way, but She Was Able to Bounce Back. Find Out More Below.

Credit card debt can be the end of financial freedom for many people. The more and more that it accumulates, the worse the repercussions are to the debt holder. Debt can have a negative impact on credit scores, which makes simple things like purchasing a car, buying a house, applying for  a loan impossible, and unfortunately, many people know this reality all too well.

Christina Babb, better known as Christina the CEO, knows the feeling of bad credit. She watched her mom raise her with bad credit card debt from day one. Christina made it her goal to never suffer from bad debt and bad credit, but unfortunately, life had other plans for her. 

I made it my goal to have perfect credit from the age of 18. However, I got into an abusive relationship and the person destroyed my credit. I moved to Atlanta in 2018 with only 2000 dollars, got my first apartment and proceeded to get into a terrible car crash. I lost my car and I didn’t have any income. I began to struggle. My credit score and debt started going further downhill,” Christina the CEO recounts. 

However, Christina didn’t let this stop her from succeeding. She was able to surpass these obstacles and finally restore her credit and her life. Christina the CEO decided to make her own story and struggle into a business to help others with their own financial planning.

“I am a Financial Strategist, consultant for personal and business, and a luxury car rental and a small business car dealership. My motivation has always been helping others become more educated and stop them from being taken advantage of or being scammed,” Christina the CEO explains.

What has helped Christina get through some of the hardest days in her life is her excellent mindset. Without this, some of the obstacles that she faced may have been insurmountable. Christina’s mindset is what helps her differentiate herself from others in the credit repair and financial services industry.

It is important to be focused and have your mind right. Have tunnel vision. I know sometimes it gets hard and you want to give up but always keep going. Keep it in the back of your head. Don’t get distracted, there’s always someone there to distract you. Stay focused!” Christina the CEO explains.

For all of those looking to follow in her footsteps, Christina the CEO has some advice for you. She details it below: 

“For individuals trying to start their own business, never give up even if people tell you no or it can’t be done. Start the business. There’s always some way. You don’t have to wait for a big event or for everything to be together to start. You can do it in little increments at the very least. When you think people have it all together, sometimes those people don’t have anything going on or you’re in a way better position than them; they just know how to make it look good.”

To keep up with all that Christina is doing next, follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.

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