Eclipse Design is a Colombian Family Business Dedicated to the Manufacture, Sale, and Marketing of Luxury Furniture

Eclipse Design is a Colombian family business dedicated over 40 years to manufacturing and commercializing luxury furniture for homes and offices.     

Applying a successful digital marketing strategy, Eclipse Design has grown into a very efficient company in the furniture industry. Providing high-quality services with a single experience center in South, Central, and North America. Achieving their business objectives.

During the last seven years, Eclipse Design has focused its work on the growth of its brand’s digital presence. To do this, they have dedicated time to strengthening their target audiences on social media. 

Eclipse Design has approximately 3,200,000 users distributed among Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, and Kwai for each country and continues to be constantly evolving and growing.

Eclipse Design was born from the need to exploit a great opportunity in the luxury furniture market. Initially, they imported furniture from Europe, but an exchange crisis forced them to transform the business model and start producing in Colombia. This meant they had to start creating using many styles, materials, and techniques not typically used in the country.

On the other hand, the digital transformation of the way products are sold through social media, and the team’s knowledge of them as a means of communication led the Eclipse Design team to structure the company under three pillars which are:

– Knowledge of the luxury furniture market

– Ability to produce with quality and efficiency

– Ability to exploit digital channels for the business

– Knowledge of the luxury furniture market

– Ability to produce with quality and efficiency

– Ability to exploit digital channels for the business

Eclipse Design has developed many unique features intending to become a benchmark in many people’s minds to differentiate itself from the rest of its competitors. These features are:

– Originality and exclusivity of the designs

– Customization of sizes, colors, and materials

– Quality and guarantee

– Deliveries in almost all the national territories of Colombia, Panama, the United States, and other countries

The Eclipse Design team is aware that if they want to achieve their ultimate goal, which is none other than to be the largest furniture company in the world by 2028, all team members must prepare and have a good mindset.

To achieve this, they have prepared a strategic plan to visualize the ultimate goal and the detailed step-by-step they must follow. This is complemented by transferring the objectives to each company’s employees, who are infused with the winning mindset.

The focus on the fulfillment of goals but above all on the satisfaction of our customers, since in this type of business a satisfied customer is a customer with a high level of repurchase and recommendation for new customers.” A representative of Eclipse Design says.

In the near future, Eclipse Design has set two business challenges:

– Consolidate its operation in Panama, where they already have an Experience Center but need to strengthen the commercial side.

– To start and consolidate its operation in the USA, where they also have a recently opened Experience Center and where they have a great challenge to get to know more about its furniture market

As another project to develop for the medium term, they have planned to launch a real estate company that allows them to connect with investors from all over the world willing to invest in Colombia. If you want to know more about Eclipse Design, click here.

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