From Israel To The United States, Asi Vidal Is an International DJ,Producer and Entrepreneur Who Has an Ever-growing Passion For Dance Music

Nietzsche once said that without music, life would be a mistake. Asi Vidal is a DJ and music producer that understood this truth a long time ago. Born and raised in Israel, Asi studied music production and sound design and in 2008 took the decision to move to the United States, and started his music business.

It all started when Asi was 10 years old. He discovered electronic dance music from the radio and he immediately fell in love with it. He started recording music on a tape cassette and little by little he became a DJ at friends birthday parties and school celebrations.

“I was motivated to enter this industry because I love music, the feeling of playing with sounds, to entertain people with music that provide inspiration and hope for others”, Asi details. 

He opened a record label called “Rhino Star Music” and he has released more than 30 tracks of his own and fellow DJs and Musicians, as well 3 studio albums during the last 10 years. During this time, Asi learned and developed his sound and production skills but, most importantly, he understood the music business, producing music that others are willing to pay for, and how he can help others through his music. 

Now I’m able to help and teach other Djs and producers just like me how to make it, from music production to marketing, giving them a plan and a state of mind. I have more than 20k music producers using Rhino Star music tools and samples already”, he adds.

But of course, not everything has been easy for Asi. He has faced many challenges typical of the music world, even more so as an immigrant and facing a very competitive industry. At the beginning he had a hard time getting paying gigs. What’s more, he did everything by himself, from the music production, to creating the artworks for the releases and all the creatives, video editing, posting on social media. That’s a lot for only one artist.

He dealt with all this and, at the same time, he had to work 2 jobs to keep paying the bills. Fortunately, he never gave up and now he’s enjoying the fruits of his hard work. For Asi, the right mindset played an important role in his success story.

“Mindset is so important because of the hard work that needs to be done, it’s easy to quit unless you practice self empowering and self discipline. Listen to mentors, and focus on getting better”, Asi advises.

Now, he manages to stand out from the crowd by doing things his way. With his own imperfections he’s always trying to provide value for others and thinking about how what he is doing will add value to the person who is listening and dancing. That’s what music is all about. Music speaks to all when words can fail, and wherever we go in the world, it is understood. Without a doubt, Being able to travel and perform it is a gift with an amazing power to connect people. In fact, it represents an art form with human interaction at its center.

Asi’s next plans are pretty awesome. releasing new helpful tools and packages for DJs and music producers on Rhino Star Music, and as an Artist He will release a new album called “Psytro Killer ” on December 15th, which is more than ready for the dance floors. From the very beginning of this project, he had in mind the Progressive House – big festival sound, based on simple melodies and chord progression, riding on top dance driving beats.

“This project has rave inspired beats with human voice interaction which make them psychedelic and meditative, they combine the power of music and autosuggestion with self empowering lyrics, this album also exciting to listen when you want something heavy hitting your speakers while driving to the party” Asi adds.

Learn more about Asi and enjoy his incredible productions here.

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