From Professional Speaker to Business Entrepreneur, Benny Salas Created a Business that Combined His Passion for Empowering People with His Wants for His Own Future.

Some people understand their callings early on in their lives. ALthough they may not be working in the exact profession they will end up in, they often follow a path that hones the same sets of skills allowing them to get even better at their calling. This was the case for Benny Salas.

At the young age of 19, Benny was already empowering people through speech, and he could trace his ability to help others back even further in his life.

“I began speaking at the age of 19yrs old, empowering youth and students in the inner-city of chicago. I had always felt comfortable being able to perform in front of an audience which was in part to me years of performing arts training and experience since the age of 11. My ability to speak and communicate effectively led me to become a local and national speaker,” Benny recounts. 

However, though Benny loved inspiring others, he didn’t love where it had taken him necessarily. He wanted to find the best of both worlds, so he created something that combined his passion for speech without all of the hiccups that he hadn’t previously enjoyed.

“I run a service-based business that focuses on providing speaking, coaching and training services for the B2B and B2C markets. We empower High-Performance leaders to get clear about their message, mission, and mindset, in order to build and grow their vision with confidence!”

Our services range from Public Speaker Training, Coaching Certification, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Executive Coaching, Organizational Leadership,” Benny explains.

What makes Benny’s story so unique and his business different from others is that he has had to personally and professionally struggle and find a path that worked for him. These lessons allow him, not only to be a better person, but to also be a better coach.

“What makes my story unique is how I have used my both personal and professional experiences as stepping stones to overcome the stumbling blocks of shame, fear and failure. These life lessons have allowed me to serve thousands of people as a speaker and a coach, while sharing my story,” Benny details.

Benny continues on about his techniques that separate him from the rest:

“I am one of the best coaches in the coaching profession. I am one of the best speakers in the entrepreneurial market. I know how to work with people and empower them around their vision and goals. I am able to listen at a different level and use my experience, education and insights to create real change. I have programs, products and services that solve a problem.”

Benny is not slowing down anytime soon! He plans to enroll more and more people into his programs in order to spread his lessons even further. Additionally, he is launching a new kind of program that he details below:

“I have a vision to enroll 1000 people yearly into my Speak More Academy. We are also launching an inner-circle mastermind community called Build and Grow exclusively for high level entrepreneurs. This will encompass the elements of 1:1 coaching, Monthly Group Mastermind, retreats, and an invitation to our Build and Grow Conference launching in October 2023. Lastly, I am excited to begin working on my book set to hit the market in 2023.

As we grow the business, I plan on being on more stages, speaking and delivering keynotes to large and small businesses,” Benny describes.

To find out more about Benny, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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