From real estate nobody to $35 million in production – How entrepreneur Jeffrey Corriolan forged an empire

Entrepreneur Jeffrey Corriolan knows real estate. Since age 19, Jeffrey has worked to grow his experience in residential real estate, building a professional team and portfolio of satisfied customers each step of the way. Now at the head of his own company, JC Sale Team, Jeffrey leads a 15-strong team of agents servicing the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach market. With aims to complete nearly $35 million in production this year, it’s no wonder that Jeffrey has been labeled one of South Florida’s top real estate entrepreneurs.

“I never had an interest in real estate growing up,” Jeffrey confides. “My parents told me to get into it at the age of 18 and that was a flat out ‘NO,’ only to turn around and jump in at the age of 19, once a good friend convinced me to go into the business. As of today, my motivation comes from the relationships I am able to build from my clients, customers, and colleagues. To put someone into a home for the first time or to see their dreams truly be accomplished; that is what my vision is really all about.”

Though now a seasoned real estate professional, Jeffrey did not begin with the experience he has today. From early setbacks, to discouraging horror stories of other, less-successful real estate hopefuls, Jeff had to navigate a minefield of potential pitfalls to get his business off the ground. Starting from nothing lent Jeffrey several valuable lessons in growth and perseverance, however, and gave him the set of skills needed to succeed as the leader of his own team of agents.

“As a business owner, the biggest challenge you face is finding customers and understanding where and how to market. Understand that you will need to be not only the CEO, but the CFO, CTO, COO, and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). If you aren’t clear with your objectives from the outset, it’s easy to get lost catering to someone else’s schedule and needs. Focus on one thing at a time and on giving that first customer an experience they won’t forget.”

Speaking of experiences his customers won’t forget, Jeffrey has helped his clients realize sale increases of $20,000-50,000 for their homes! By leveraging the growth of interest in sunbelt homes and the rising tide of pandemic-fueled home buying, Jeffrey regularly helps sellers get above market value for their homes. On the flip-side, Jeffrey’s team of professional agents is there to help prospective buyers navigate the choppy waters of first-time home buying, working with each client on an individual basis to make sure their specific needs are met.

“Helping my clients find the best deal for their home is what gets me out of the bed in the morning,” Jeffrey shares. “No matter the market or the clientele, I differentiate myself by offering best-in-class service to everyone I work with. The real estate game can be incredibly taxing – especially for first-time home buyers – so my team focuses on walking our clients through every step of the process until they are satisfied with the final outcome.”

Moving forward, Jeffrey hopes to expand into new markets around South Florida, while growing his portfolio and team of agents. With more than $35 million in production lined up by year-end, JC Sales Team has quickly risen to the top of the hyper-competitive Miami residential market. Jeffrey’s expertise as a leader and real estate professional shines through at every step of the process; from his team’s commitment to service, to his real estate tips and tricks shared daily over social media. So whether you’re selling or buying a home, there is no doubt that Jeffrey Corriolan is there for you.

You can follow Jeffrey on Instagram (@jeffreycorriolan) or contact his team online at

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