George Eros is an Entrepreneur Dedicated to Helping Female Models Ensure They are Reaching Audiences through Social Media as the Way We Consume Media Changes.

Very few female models have a true advocate for them and their business. Jorge Silva, better known as George Eros, and his business are trying to change that. George is an advocate for female models and helps them create a brand for themselves so that they can truly excel in the world of business.

“I have a social media agency that helps female models become successful and make a living online. We help you create a brand and profit from it. We give opportunities to talented female models from around the world to create a career online and make a living so they can reach their personal goals” George states.

George noticed an important problem which inspired him to create his business. The way that we consume media is constantly changing and in recent years, has changed drastically. All of these models needed a new way to get content out there. This is where George came in. 

However, his journey was not always easy. Not only did he have to worry about getting his models to accept and dedicate themselves to creating a new kind of media, but he also had to work hard to understand the ins and outs of social media.

“My biggest obstacle was learning to understand the new algorithm of social media platforms and how they evolve in order to create business with them,” George explains.

The way that he was able to overcome this obstacle was to have a good mindset. Like many other entrepreneurs, George believes that a good mindset is not just important to creating a successful business, but rather crucial in the process. It allows you to overcome obstacles that would otherwise impede your business.

“Mindset is extremely important. Since any business requires dedication and persistence, sometimes businesses don’t make money quickly or they lose money initially, so you must be prepared for this mentally in order to push when times are hard,” George says.

George has some advice for those who are looking to start their own business: surround yourself with the right people who will help you achieve success.

“Get around people who have a business. It’s very unlikely to figure out stuff by yourself, you will save time and money by getting advice from the ones who already made it, and also adapt to new technology since everything keeps changing the way we work and interact,” George advises. 

In the coming months, George plans to grow his agency even further so that they can have a broad impact on many more lives! To find out more about George, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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