Get to Know Hand in Hand: The #1 Medical Concierge Company in Mexico, a Successful Business that Helps to put International Patients in Contact With the Best Surgeons and Medical Specialists in Guadalajara, México. Learn More Below!

Hand in Hand, is a leading company located in Guadalajara, Mexico that offers medical concierge services. They put the patient in contact with the best professionals in Guadalajara, Mexico and with the best service providers. What’s more, they have over 12 years of experience in the healthcare sector, which gives them the possibility to offer all their clients the best medical portfolio that fits their needs.

“Many years ago I had the idea of creating a company to be able to help patients from the United States and Canada who want to come to Mexico to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure. At Hand in Hand we offer all our clients options for doctors, hospitals, hotels and any other service they may require. They choose, we are not committed to any of them, and that allows us to be clearer and to provide only the best of the best to patients!”, The CEO explains.

She knows firsthand how difficult it is to have to travel to another country in order to have access to some medical and/or aesthetic procedures. The language, the culture and the security are just some of the challenges patients face, so Hand in Hand  wanted to change that and help many people. In fact, one of the main objectives of the company is to be a guide, support and company for all patients who need it.

“Hand in Hand wants to make them feel at home and feel safe in a foreign country and with the confidence of always having someone to call if needed”, CEO adds.

Hand in Hand manages to stand out from other similar businesses because they offer security, constant communication and privacy. In addition, they do not work on commission, so their team members are not influenced to recommend any specific doctor. Quite the opposite! Always are the patients who choose according to their preferences and particular needs.

They work with over 7 hospitals, 32 medical specialists and provide more than 100 exclusive partnerships. When patients choose Hand in Hand as their counselor and guide, they are choosing safety, confidentiality, communication, guidance, experience, excellence, dedication and much more!

Hand in Hand provides several medical specialties, such as dentistry, plastic surgery, oncology, orthopedics and aesthetic medicine. Their doctors count on innovative techniques,they  are certified and have years of extensive experience. Hand in Hand offers cutting edge technology and exceptional patient care!

On top of that, in recent years Mexico has become the second country in the world with the highest influence in the medical tourism industry, thanks to the large infrastructure and innovation it has. It is an extremely appealing destination for its costs for those international patients that are looking to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure in Mexico. 

Without a doubt, Hand in Hand stands out for offering a high quality service, that’s why they’re considered the #1 medical concierge company in all Mexico. Enjoy quick access to the best professionals and let the best hospitals and doctors take care of you!

They are located at Colonia Monraz, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Contact them and mention the code HIH2301 to obtain a 30% discount on the fee that Hand in Hand charges for their services!

To find out more information about Hand in Hand, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram here or send them an email at

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