Gynestetic: Integrating Innovation into Women’s Wellness

Gynestetic is a specialized medical center that excels in gynecology, regenerative-functional medicine, and advanced aesthetic procedures. It innovates the medical field by integrating a revolutionary “ZERO PAIN” treatment.

This medical facility offers services such as radiofrequency fractional technology and specialized lasers, reflecting its responsibility to provide high-quality treatments. It ensures minimally invasive procedures administered by certified specialists and prioritizes safety without compromising results.

In 2016, Dr. Andrea Triana and Dr. Jair Rodríguez collaborated to establish Gynestetic in Fusagasugá, their hometown. Since then, their efforts have significantly transformed healthcare initiatives, leading to a new era of medical services.

Gynestetic is focused on introducing new and advanced technologies into medical care, redefining the healthcare experience, and making this medical center a unique presence in the region.

“Our differentiator is aimed at strengthening the experience in care and involving a great sense of humanization to improve the quality of life of each of those who visit us,” Andrea mentions.

Being involved in gynecological care is more than just a business for Gynestetic; it’s also their responsibility to address the needs of every woman who visits them. Beyond providing safe and highly effective alternatives, Gynestetic aims to break free from traditional healthcare models.

“We provide a service focused on an experience of service, familiarity, and permanent support,” Andrea shares.

Gynestetic’s work is intimately linked with the stories of their patients, ensuring a warm and secure environment that exceeds the typical medical experience. It seeks to break taboos surrounding common issues affecting women worldwide, such as pelvic floor-related diseases and more.

Gynestetic leads free care campaigns for individuals who are suffering from aesthetic effects caused by gynecological cancers, envisioning a future where aesthetic medicine aligns seamlessly with well-being.

Keeping a medical center this successful demands a broadened skill set covering finance, administration, and legal aspects. Gynestetic recognizes that the key to advancement lies in continuous learning and adapting to the needs of business management, but mainly, it relies on exceptional patient care.

Gynestetic ambitions to extend its influence across Latin America, introducing its distinguishing techniques to countries where women encounter similar hurdles.

The Gynestetic Academy’s creation exemplifies the company’s dedication to developing the next generation of medical professionals, demonstrating its mission to impact the industry significantly.

To delve deeper into Gynestetic’s work, click here.

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