Juan Pablo Cogua: From Digital Entrepreneur to CEO of Midas Digital Corporation

Juan Pablo Cogua has been a digital business pioneer, demonstrating excellence in his work as a management coach and as the CEO of Midas Digital Corporation.

Juan Pablo’s story into the world of entrepreneurship began at the age of 21; hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, he ventured on a self-discovery path, armed with a little more than a burning passion for innovation and thirst for knowledge and professional growth. 

His first step towards his entrepreneurial aspirations was a diploma in Coaching management from the prestigious University of La Sabana. Since then, he has achieved significant milestones, such as creating a successful organization of 17,000 individuals for a recognized network marketing company.

Later, at the age of 26, Juan Pablo, alongside a team of exceptional partners, decided to dive into a new venture, and together, they built an organization of 19,000 individuals that would further solidify his reputation.

“It motivates me to be able to lead work teams; it makes me feel full of life to help other people find new paths and new opportunities for their lives, to achieve the success that I have achieved at such a young age.” Juan Pablo mentions. 

Driven by a desire to explore new horizons, he ventured beyond the borders of Colombia, immersing himself in the rich cultures of Panama, Spain, Miami, and the creative city of Los Angeles, California, demonstrating his versatility of learning from different environments worldwide and turning him into the integral business-leader he is today.

Now, Juan Pablo is the CEO of Midas Digital Corporation; this company is set to launch an innovative app to transform the digital teaching panorama. Juan Pablo leads this company with a vision to empower the Latin market through education in crucial industries such as trading, sports trading, social media growth, cryptocurrency education, and health.

What distinguishes his company from others is that instead of the typical model where network marketing companies charge monthly fees for teaching and guidance on digital topics, Midas Digital Corporation offers a more accessible method: a single annual payment. This payment grants individuals access to invaluable advice and education on high-value digital businesses.

Juan Pablo has a profound sense of purpose and a commitment to positive change with this company. Through a blend of clever digital tools and a unique network approach, he aspires to impact millions of lives, providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital business.

“Midas Digital Corporation comes to impact the Latin market innovatively, but above all, we want to be the channel in which millions of people get to fulfill their dreams.” Juan Pablo emphasizes. 

For future projects, Juan Pablo’s primary focus is on the outstanding project of building a community of 1 million individuals around the mobile application Midas Digital. His vision is to attain 1 million downloads and profoundly influence the lives of these 1 million users positively. 

To learn more about Juan Pablo Cogua, click here

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