Learn About How Andres Felipe Martinez is Changing the Way Legal Services are Provided in Colombia Through His Company Asesoria Legal 24/7

Lawyers are a vital part of any community. They serve as trusted advisors, helping their clients navigate the complexities of the law and providing them with legal representation in times of need. Also, a law firm doesn’t just focus on representing their client, but also provides their valuable guidance and expertise to help them expertly tackle legal situations at a core level.

In that sense, Asesoria Penal 24/7 is a successful law firm that provides consultancy and representation services in all municipalities and cities of Colombia, with offices in Bogota, Medellin and Cali. 

Their extensive portfolio of services has cutting-edge professional methodologies that allow them to guarantee due diligence in each case and the projection of the most favorable objectives for their clients, achieving successful results. Founded by Andres Felipe Martinez, Asesoria Penal 24/7 has a team of criminal lawyers highly trained in solving complex legal problems that arise within the entire criminal legal field in Colombia.

The creation of the company was motivated by Felipe’s experience with digital marketing. Back in 2016, when he was studying a specialization in criminal law, he began to look for work in this area, but instead found a web portal that specialized in generating contacts between lawyers and clients.

“There began my successful path in the provision of legal services. I managed in a period of 3 years to attend around 750 cases with a high rating from clients and special recognition from that platform. Subsequently, in 2019 I decided to launch a business project called Asesoria Penal 24/7, whose main purpose is to provide specialized legal services with the highest standards of professional and ethical quality. The firm has fully complied with these postulates to date, and has one of the most developed digital marketing systems in Colombia!”, Felipe explains.

Currently, the firm has a team of around 140 people, including administrative staff, lawyers, marketing team, assistants, auxiliaries, allies and collaborators. Also, their team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as they’re aware that time is a fundamental factor for success in providing legal services within the industry.

Asesoria Penal 24/7 manage to stand out from other similar businesses because they maintain a direct and personalized contact with all their clientele and provide immediate assistance. What’s more, thet offer state-of-the-art technology, professionalism and experience.

“We also have a judicial big data analysis system that we implement in our defenses and representations of victims in Colombia, which allows us to always determine the most favorable strategy for our clients by studying the trend that registers the highest degree of probability of success in similar cases”, Felipe adds.

This way, they’re constantly expanding, updating and optimizing their entire database and their analysis methodologies to always provide their customers with the most favorable defenses or representations to protect their rights and interests.

To get where is today, Felipe has had to overcome some difficulties, such as overcoming the prejudices of many Latin American societies related to the belief that professional and business success is only for a determined group of people. 

“When I started in this industry I was aware of all these adverse realities, but thanks to our methodology based on commitment, discipline and diligence, we are defeating these prejudices on a daily basis”, Felipe shares.

He and his team are working on growing and expanding Asesoria Penal 24/7 in all the country. Their main goal is to consolidate themselves within the legal market in Colombia, not only in criminal law, but also in all other legal areas.

“Our main objective is to continue offering and implementing the culture of comprehensive compliance in companies in Colombia. Also, our country is experiencing a socio-legal reality related to the submission to justice and the transition to peace of organized armed groups, and we want to contribute and assist the institutions that administer justice to achieve said purposes, to consolidate peace and prosperity in Colombia”, Felipe details.

To find out more about Asesoria Penal 24/7, check out their website here. You can also follow Felipe on Instagram here.

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