Learn About How Carlos Granados Dental Design is Changing the Way Dental Services are Provided in Colombia

Carlos Granados is a professional dental artist with more than three decades of experience in dentistry, widely known as the guru of dental aesthetics in Colombia. He currently manages the clinic and dental laboratory Carlos Granados Dental Design.

Carlos Granados Dental Design is a pioneering clinic in Latin America in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. 

For thirty years we have changed the concept of dental aesthetics, working with responsibility and total guarantee in every reconstruction or design we do.” Carlos recounts.

Motivated by growth and leadership, together with his team of excellent and highly qualified professionals, Carlos has been making the dream of thousands of people who wish to have the perfect smile come true for years.

Many people have gone through the incredible, modern and comfortable facilities of Carlos, among which we can highlight important businessmen, beauty queens such as Miss Universes, actors, athletes and others.

Carlos is part of the international academy as a consultant and university professor in the departments of postgraduate and continuing education where he has trained dozens of dentists and dental technicians from different countries on Prosthodontics and Dental Implantology.

In his professional portfolio Carlos has worked as an international instructor for important German companies such as Vita and Sirona where he introduced the techniques and materials produced by these companies to various groups of dental technicians, dentists and specialists from different countries.

Through his three decades of experience, Carlos has been educated with the highest standards of academic training on dental laboratory techniques, dental cosmetics, implantology and design of dental restorations.

As a renowned dentistry professional, Carlos stands out for his experience and the art he executes in his professional work, which becomes the exclusive seal of the wonderful work at the Carlos Granados Dental Design.

In the near future, the Carlos Granados Dental Design will continue to grow and open new branches outside of Colombia. Learn more here.

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