Learn from Experts of Advanced Aesthetics with Praxis Studio

Praxis Studio is the Netflix for aesthetics. It is an online tool for professional health and beauty studies at the hand of experts. It gathers the most updated information and techniques and provides it through an online platform. It is the best platform so beauty estheticians can stay up to date with all the trends in their professional field.

Yesid Vega and Luis Orozco are both skilled professionals in different fields, who joined forces to create Praxis Studio. Yesid has 9 years of experience in the world of aesthetic medicine and is the CEO of HYC Beauty Shop, a Colombian enterprise of medicinal beauty products. Luis is a digital marketing consultant, with sales strategies experience with many multinationals and small businesses.

“The aesthetic world needed an online education platform where professionals could improve their careers without investing a lot of money on conferences, trips, and others. Now, they can always access high quality content to provide better services to their patients”.

Yesid and Luis comment that health professionals were not used to digitalized tools in their area. This was the hardest thing about launching Praxis Studio. They tended to prioritize in-person certificates and tended to distrust online methods in Colombia.

Even though they have received statements like “one can’t learn online”, Yesid and Luis are changing that perspective. They are focused on providing products and services of high quality with mentors that are experts in their area. Praxis’ team is conformed by Arelys Castro, medical specialist; James Ortiz, cosmetologist; and Monica Morales, beautician and cosmetologist.

Additionally, Praxis Studio teaching technique is based on an effective educational learning process. This is how they have gained the trust of their consumers. Praxis Studio provides constant training to professionals without larger sums of money and time.

“At the beginning you will always have people against you, but the most important is having your purpose clear and keep adding steps to your idea”. In their words, Luis and Yesid just believed that change was possible, as long as they were proposing something different with its own essence. They are focused on generating big transformations for their consumers. 

“Praxis’ platform is unique, there is no other similar platform in Latin America”. To begin acquiring the latest information of this area, users pay an annual subscription fee to access all content and their updates. Yesid, Luis and their team of experts have been designing their project since 2021 and finally launched on March 12th of the present year. “We continue to revolutionize the way of learning advanced aesthetic treatments at the hand of specialists”.

In the future, Praxis Studio wants to establish hybrid programs, both online and in-person. They also want to increase their team of professionals and continue to grow in the aesthetic community in Latin America. If you want to learn about beauty and medicine in a simple, online but professional platform, subscribe to Praxis here.

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