Learn From The Best: Tony Acosta On How He Is Building A Real Estate Empire By Educating Consumers

Utah real estate mogul Tony Acosta is not your traditional broker. In the already hyper-competitive market for residential real estate, Tony is making a splash by radically reframing the agent-client relationship. Using technology like social media, Tony’s agency 1 Percent Lists is restructuring the entire real estate process, making it simpler, cheaper, and more intuitive for agents and clients alike. Now a member of the Forbes magazine real estate council, Tony shares his story and plans for disrupting the entire real estate industry.

“From the beginning, I faced an uphill battle,” Tony recounts. “Other agents looked at me and thought I was way too young to know anything about real estate. I was 23, but looked like I was 14. I had no connections, no experience, no network. I had to get out of my comfort zone to try and make my mark in my community.”

Undeterred, Tony soon saw his youth as his greatest asset in differentiating himself from traditional brokers. From the beginning of his career, Tony adapted fresh technologies to the old-boys market of real estate, leveraging social media to stand out from the masses, answering questions on Facebook and Instagram to connect directly with clientele. It took Tony a bit of time to get his agency off of the ground, but 1 Percent Lists was soon moving into the mainstream as a real player in Utah real estate.

Speaking to his early motivation, Tony relates that, “I got into real estate because I saw the potential to change my family’s life. My parents came from Mexico and worked so hard to support me and my siblings; I wanted to build a life that allowed me to give back to them and our community. Along the way, I developed a passion for helping people accomplish that important goal of home ownership; changing lives through financial literacy and sound investment advice.”

On social media, Tony is constantly working to educate his followers on real estate and financial literacy. On his podcast, the #AskTony Show, the eponymous entrepreneur interviews real estate, marketing, and branding professionals, and fields questions from weekly listeners. Tony now sits as the director of the Utah Podcast Coalition, working alongside other podcasters in his state to build audiences and educate listeners.

“Focusing on education for lead gen sometimes looks bad metric-wise,” Tony confides, “and it’s easy to stray away from a social-media driven model. But when it comes down to it, I’ve been able to differentiate my service from the competition’s by addressing consumers at their level, giving them the truthful advice and tips they need to buy and sell a home or make another big investment. Maintaining the focus on the consumer and their education will always pay off in the long run.” 

Not only does Tony differentiate himself on social media; he also is willing to charge 60% less than the competition, while providing the same value to his clientele. By leveraging technology to interact with clients and create leads, Tony drastically reduces costs, handing a nice discount to his clients in the process. With this approach, Tony is set to expand his agency’s reach in Utah, while eyeing an out-of-state market leap within the next year. With nearly a decade of experience under his belt and a growing audience, Tony Acosta is poised to upend the real estate market for years to come.

Follow Tony on Instagram (@_tonyv2) and listen to his podcast for more real estate insights and tips

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