Louie’s Desserts and Cakes Offers a Variety of Sweets For Any Event: Meet the Entrepreneur and Baker Behind it, Jose Luis Zepeda Jr

Just like coffee helps to get us up in the morning and can also be an excuse to socialize with friends and family, so can a good sweet and pastry or a piece of freshly baked bread. 

Over the years there have been many people who have excelled in the culinary art and have been great chefs of recognized trajectory. In the world of pastry, one who stands out is Jose Luis Zepeda Jr, an Uprising Entrepreneur & Baker who runs Louie’s Desserts and Cakes from his home.

Jose’s passion has always been baking. When he was in high school he was amazed at how you can bring warmth and happiness to a person with just some food. He was inspired to go after this after watching various Julia Child videos and streaming the Food Network.

That is why after high school, he pursued his passion and obtained two degrees in culinary school: one in culinary arts and hospitality, and the other in bakery and pastry.

Jose runs a cake and dessert business known as Louie’s Desserts and Cakes. The business is widely known by the people of Fontana, California. They specialize in cakes, tarts, cookies, and most if not all types of dessert for any type of event, weddings, birthdays, business events, and more. 

“My biggest sellers apart from my cakes are my fruit tarts, which have a thin layer of sponge cake baked in a butter tart crust filled with a fresh cream filling and topped with fresh fruit.” Jose explains. “What I am most proud of is when a customer gives me feedback and tells me it was the best tart they have ever had, that lets me know I have done my job correctly. Providing them with excellent service and a personalized tart they will always remember.”

Jose is motivated by being able to express his creativity through pastry making with Louie’s Desserts and Cakes, while being able to control his working hours and not having to work a regular 9 to 5 without motivation. 

“I was also motivated by the possibility of being able to provide more financial support for my family. And with a steady income, to one day be able to open my bakery.” He adds.

Something to take into consideration when undertaking any type of business is time management, how the person will do the things the business demands of them in the most efficient way possible.

“At the beginning of my career it was difficult to manage my time. At a young age, all my friends were out partying and enjoying life, and I had the responsibility of staying home and filling orders. The second was my family. I had to miss many important events. I had to learn to manage my time so I didn’t miss the important things in life. And even now, there are times when I have to sacrifice my ‘fun’ for my responsibility, which is my business. As the saying goes, ‘There is no glory without sacrifice.’” Jose states.

There is always a piece of the pie for everyone and that holds true for Jose since he does not believe in competition. He promotes and elevates other vendors and fellow bakers by allowing them to have space at his events for free thereby helping them promote their businesses.

“I firmly believe that there is enough room for everyone to succeed. I also differentiate myself through my relationships with customers. I make sure they feel like they are ordering from a friend instead of a stranger and feel comfortable that they have chosen the perfect person to create the cake of their dreams. In addition, I make sure my clients’ products are unique from start to finish, from the flavors to the packaging.” He says.

In the near future, Jose is focused on two projects: opening his own store, since he receives so many orders daily that he cannot keep working from home. That way he could also offer more variety.

“The other project is the creation of an online cake supply store that could provide bakers with the supplies they need for their business and be able to buy them at an affordable price.”

Learn more about Jose and Louie’s Desserts and Cakes by clicking here.

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