Magic Eden x Scopio Launch 🚀

Scopio is announcing a partnership with Magic Eden, the second biggest NFT marketplace. Magic Eden has 90% market share of Solana and trades approximately $10 to $15 million US dollars a day. 

The Solana NFT ecosystem is noted for its low transaction costs, making it particularly appealing to the user base at all levels. It is the best for first time crypto users. 

Christina Hawatmeh, Scopio’s CEO and Founder, adds, We are the first to offer a photography focused partnership in buying and selling NFTs, powered by Magic Eden. Photography that tells the story of every community and helps those communities is where NFTs are an exciting new opportunity. Opening up NFT’s for global artists and making ownership and distribution of work for everyone has always been our mission.“

Scopio highlights relevant voices in regions that are being misrepresented or not represented at all. These regions have remarkable communities. We’re offering content and art that is truthful to these voices. Artists can build their own communities by sharing their stories and promoting their causes. As a female founded company we are excited to bring new voices into the NFT ecosystem.

We believe what is missing to bridge photography over is for people to authentically foster community, and that is natural to Scopio. Together, with Magic Eden’s accessibility and speed we are making photography the next big hit. What is so exciting is that we can  use editorial images we never were able to before which will change the visual narrative across the internet. We will help usher these stories through now that the age old limitation between commercial and editorial imagery is lifted.

Scopio has 14,000 artists in 150 countries that submit and sell photography, art and illustrations. Scopio uses AI to help artists submit and sell their work in less than three minutes, and tell their stories.

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