Meet Alejandro Johnson Camacho: The Mexican Creative and Digital Publicist Who Excels at Messaging and Has Helped To Scale 300+ Brands

J Alejandro Johnson Camacho, also known as Alex Johnson, is a creative and digital publicist of Mexican origin. He is also a storyteller and a dreamer who has been working in the advertising industry since 2010.

Alex has worked with different national and international brands, as well as been involved in creative industry projects such as music production. Most recently, he has led the media strategy of the Mexican Expansion League “Coyotes de Tlaxcala.”

“With the team, we have achieved high media impact. Our work is often considered the second best digital strategy in the entire league, which is saying a lot given that Tlaxcala is one of the smallest states in Mexico.” Alex explains.

Alex always tries to consolidate his ideas, seek connectors, and generate affable conversations in order to grow and inspire others. He is daring, direct and consistent. As a digital publicist, Alex always leaves behind the traditional and creates something different. 

My job is to devise and launch a message with creativity and ingenuity that allows the echo of the media. I try to ensure that each project I direct has an essence, a personality, a different way of presenting itself to society, to give it an identity. My work is a constant back and forth of sensations to cause in the viewer/reader a unique feeling.” Alex shares.

What led Alex to work in the advertising industry is that he has always believed that any situation can be communicated. Accordingly, he thinks that everyone has a story to tell and he is able to make those stories viral.

I think what inspired me the most was to know that behind everything I saw in the media or in a poster, was created to be disseminated and had a purpose. I firmly believe that advertising is to focus a message so directly that it achieves the purpose you are looking for.” Alex states.

In 2010, while on vacation in Queretaro, one of the most important cities in the history of the Independence of Mexico, Alex decided to start conspiring creatively and launch his creative career at a professional level.

Since then, I have advised more than 300 brands on advertising and marketing, and generated a positive impact for each of my clients.” Alex adds.

Alex stands out from other advertising experts because he is very direct. In addition, he always has new ideas, which allows him to be flexible and helps him create adaptable messages.

“I believe I have the ability to synthesize and design a story perfectly. I am passionate about what I do. I love to see my ideas embodied in the media, in products, in messages, and that is why I became an advertiser. I think one of the great qualities of advertisers is to have that tact to approach society. I feel we are agents of change, who can build a message that is positive or negative in seconds.” He says.

Nowadays, Alex can be found working on a project to promote the craft beer of the soccer team Coyotes de Tlaxcala, one of the few soccer teams in Latin America with their own official beer.

Additionally, in the near future, Alex would love to work with other sports teams and clubs. He believes there is still room to grow and there are more opportunities to learn how to improve messaging and advertising.

“Tlaxcala has taught me that there is no small place for dreams. A place like this has become a trend with a second division soccer team, and I know perfectly well that there will be new challenges and opportunities soon.” Alex comments.

To learn more about Alex and his work, click here.

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