Meet Flo Mack: The Versatile Hip Hop Musician Based in NYC Who Makes Mixtapes and Beats That Merge Genres

Flo Mack is a versatile Hip Hop musician based in New York City. He first started making music when he was just 13 years old, and recorded his first track when he was just 16. 

He also used to be a three-sport athlete. He played lacrosse, football , and basketball. 

I also used to be a three-sport athlete. I played lacrosse, football and basketball until I went to a prep school and got kicked off the team. Since then, I never went back and have been doing music ever since.” Flo Mack shares.

It was his family that inspired him to get into the world of music because creating beats has been the link that has brought his family together for years. Flo Mack’s family has been involved with music since forever, so they were a source of motivation for Flo Mack to develop his own music.

I wanted to learn how to make strong beats for some of my family members. I loved it. Once I started perfecting my beats, I wanted to make my own music and rap over something. I started taking music seriously when I realized how talented I really was.” Flo Mack says.

Today, Flo Mack continues to improve his music, which he has also been showing to the world through music platforms like iTunes, where people can listen to his song Looper Man.

I want to perfect my craft not only for myself but also for my family. I also wanted to do it for every time someone said I wouldn’t do it, just to prove to myself what I can do and show the world my art.” Flo Mack states.

Flo Mack differentiates himself from his competition because he makes music that he would like to hear, unlike most artists who chase whatever sound is trendy or mainstream at the moment. Unlike them, Flo Mack does not care what others think.

I aspire to be myself and be like my people. If you go listen to all my music you will see that my kind of style is unique and you can’t hear it anywhere else and everything is made by me from the production to the making of the beats.” He argues.

But at the end of the day, in such a competitive industry it is necessary to have a good mindset. Flo Mack knows that, which is why he makes sure to stay focused on his goals every day. 

The right mindset means to be focused and keep finding the motivation within yourself and your support system to be inspired to develop your craft. I do this music thing for my own amusement, so I don’t care what other people have to say. Don’t let people’s criticisms get the best of you.” Flo Mack advises.

In the near future, Flo Mack will be releasing two mixtapes. He claims he has given his best to the production of both, which show a range of his musical abilities and talent.

One of the mixtapes is called “Browser,” and contains seven songs with exciting change of tempos and a merge of hip hop genres. The second mixtape is “Polar 3xpress,” which is an emotional R&B/stoner for chiller listeners.

I also have a single coming out soon that no one is ready for. I’m not going to talk more about it for now. But for now, I’m working more on knocking down shows to give my fans a personal feel for the music.” Flo Mack shares. Follow Flo Mack and his music here.

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