Meet Luis Mayer Who Went From Trauma to Becoming an Integrative Coach and Businessman: Learn More Here

Luis Mayer is an integrative coach, author and entrepreneur who runs an alternative therapy coaching business. He also conducts events and retreats with principles of spiritual coaching, shamanic practices and even the use of ancestral medicines.

I feel that I am at the point of evolving from entrepreneur to businessman since I have the vision to start training people in this technique to grow the voice and spread this knowledge that is giving such extraordinary results“. Shares Luis.

Luis is the creator of the Integrative Coaching of the Self technique, which he has been using with patients for the last two years leading to successful results.

We have achieved miracles in mental, emotional and physical health, and even reversed fertility processes and healed terminal diseases with internal work.” Mentions Luis.  

He is also the author of two books, the first one “Tusombras” which he published in the middle of his darkest time (2018) and his next book, which is about to be released on April 19th of this year “Yo sé o Yo soy.”

Luis, born in Caracas, Venezuela, grew up in a difficult environment, where he experienced many traumas and emotional problems. Despite this, he always felt he had something special within himself, and dedicated himself to acting and the study of different therapeutic and philosophical techniques to better understand his life and his problems.

The technique developed by Luis combines elements of different therapeutic and philosophical disciplines, and focuses on helping people connect with their true self and their inner potential.

Through the years, Luis has helped many people overcome their emotional problems and achieve a more fulfilling and satisfying life. His motivation to start his business was his own experience of overcoming and healing, as well as his desire to help others transform their lives in the same way.

Getting an effective, fast and functional way that allows you to see a new possibility for yourself, without the need for so much suffering or having to go to therapy for many years is fundamental to having a fuller and more satisfying life.” Says Luis.

While it was easy for Luis to find his differential factor in business, it was difficult for him to find his authenticity in real life. In a market saturated with therapists and coaches, finding his own voice and authenticity has been critical to standing out and attracting the right people.

Authenticity has been lost and, from my point of view, that authenticity is the first thing you need to find.” Luis expresses, and as for the importance of mindset in business, he believes it is crucial, adding, “It’s not just about learning how to run a business, it’s about becoming the person you need to be for that.”

The right mindset can be the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success in any endeavor, and Luis has spent a lot of time and effort working on his own mindset and helping others do the same. 

Luis offers a variety of services, from individual coaching sessions to retreats and group events. He also offers online courses and live workshops, and has a section on his website with testimonials from patients satisfied with the results obtained through his integrative self coaching technique.

Luis is a vivid example of how self-improvement and the desire to help others can lead to the creation of a successful and relevant business model not only for its creator, but also for society.

Through his unique technique, his focus on authenticity and the right mindset, Luis has helped many people transform their lives and achieve greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

If you want to know more about Luis Mayer, click here.

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