Meet Magda Yamin: The Lebanese Fashion Stylist Based in Miami Who Mixes Her Roots and Experience Being Raised in Venezuela

Magda Yamin is a Lebanese fashion stylist based in Miami. She works with clients to design their wardrobe, do makeovers, and in general raise their potential and personal branding through their style.

“I am hired for photo shoots, red carpets, concerts, events, and to take pictures for social media. I choose the style of clothing and accessories, I also get involved in makeup and hairstyle to match the wardrobe, always taking into account the face and body of my client. For me it is very important to be unique, to dare to break the rules and not follow patterns, but the most important thing is that the person feels comfortable with what she is wearing. The confidence you emit is the most important accessory in your wardrobe.” Magda shares.

From a very young age, Magda has been passionate and attracted to everything related to the fashion industry. Whenever she could, she would accompany her mother to New York City to buy women’s clothes and then take them to Caracas in Venezuela to sell them.

For me, it was a dream. She would take me to huge warehouses with imported fabrics from all over the world. The department stores we would visit on the famous 5th avenue, and the diversity of clothes and trends in the same city. I will never forget the day my mother gave me Coco Chanel’s book and from then on I was fascinated with brands, and haute couture. I understood what the seasons and trends were. It is something I have always been passionate about.” Magda states.

For a decade now Magda has been familiarizing herself with the work of some Lebanese designers, among them Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, who made her understand that you can come from one of the smallest countries in the world and still fulfill your dreams in the most significant fashion city. 

Seeing their designs on the runways of Paris gave me the wings to dream of infinite goals that I want to achieve.” She adds.

Magda’s professional career began at a very young age when, without knowing what she was going to do, she played dress-up and put on make-up for her friends. Then she started her dream as a clothing designer in Venezuela where she and a friend created a brand called House of Dolls. 

When Magda moved to Miami, she met many people and together with her great friend and photographer Manuel Hernandez worked for several agencies such as Elite Models, and Next, among many others.

I have dressed incredible artists that I grew up with since I was a little girl watching on TV, such as the international singer Nacho, the number one entertainer of my country Maite Delgado, the talented actress Gaby Espino, the beautiful actress Rosmery Marval who worked as the protagonist in the Netflix series ‘Bolivar,’ among many others.” Magda recounts.

One aspect that makes Magda stand out from her competition is the mix of cultures that she represents because she was born in Lebanon, raised in Venezuela, and currently lives in Miami. 

This mix of ethnicities has made Magda’s style different from the rest. Overall, she always seeks to maintain her authenticity and for that reason does not follow trends to the letter.

Mixing between a conservative Lebanese fashion with another culture like the Latin one where being comfortable with your sexuality makes you feel prettier. I think that fusion makes me different from the rest. In a world full of clones my greatest virtue is to be myself, not to look like anyone else but at the same time to look for inspiration in all the women I admire.” Magda explains.

Looking into the future, one of Magda’s goals is to enter the American market with international artists. She has worked with many incredible people in MIami, but would like to expand more in her field.

I would love to do internships in NY or Los Angeles, although my biggest dream is to get to Paris. I know I will make it. I look forward to what God has prepared for me. I am eager to keep learning, improving as a professional and person day by day.” She says.

If you want to know more about Magda, click here.

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