Meet Shilan Parham: The Founder & President of Outliers CS, a Consulting, Sales and Marketing Firm Helping Their Clients Grow

Shilan Parham is a consultant born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and the president of Outliers CS, a consulting, sales and marketing firm. Since she was young, Shilan has been passionate about self-development and learning.

Shilan grew up surrounded by a family of athletes and entrepreneurs, which gave her a sense of competitiveness. Her grandfather was an entrepreneur, who inspired her to achieve his lifestyle–he had financial freedom and could travel around the world.

“I was inspired to run this business by the idea of freedom of motion and time, and being able to create the life I want and give back to others.” Shilan shares.

For eight years, Shilan lived in China, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Chinese Commerce and Economics. Shortly after earning that degree, she worked as a Director at two language schools before moving to the United States in 2015, where she earned her MBA from Auburn University. She speaks five languages and, in her spare time, practices yoga.

Outliers Consulting Solutions is a consulting, sales and marketing firm that offers a variety of services on brand marketing, retail sales, national expansion and professional advancement. Their mission is to increase market share for their clients and foster their culture and growth.

“Outliers CS focuses on leadership abilities, systems, and a fun atmosphere to bring a unique blend of personal development and professional results. Our mission is to increase market share for our growing clients while providing an opportunity for our team members to build their futures.” Reads their website.

Shilan has a passion for leadership and coaching people to achieve their goals and have the life they desire. As someone who has been able to help other people, she recognizes that having a good mindset is important.

“Mindset is everything. Your level of grit and perseverance have a direct correlation to the level of success when running a business.” Shilan says.

Shilan’s company, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the fastest-growing privately-held sales and marketing firms on the East Coast of the United States. Outliers CS has a company culture that’s uplifting. They are outsourced by large corporations nationwide in order to acquire and retain quality clients. 

“My advice for people trying to start their own business is to know that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, you will have highs and lows. Your job is minimizing the lows and maximizing the highs. How to do that? 1) Know that it’s okay to lose but don’t lose the lesson. 2) Be okay with failure and getting up and going harder. 3) Reflect on what you can do better, study your industry and become the most knowledgeable about it. And 4) Know your why and purpose. It’s hard to keep going and stay motivated if you don’t know deep down what is the reason you are doing this.” Shilan says.

Shilan and Outliers CS differentiate themselves from their competition because of their adaptability to change and being able to quickly find solutions for their clients to possible challenges until finding the best way to overcome them.

This always puts Outliers CS ahead of the game. Moreover, their approach applied in-house is what allows them to increase market share and help them continually grow as a company. 

Our approach at Outliers CS is simple: grow with our clients. We maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism for our clients and their customers. We assist in the expansion of our clients by always creating win-win situations. Outliers CS fosters a friendly and competitive environment where our team members will grow both personally and professionally.” She explains.

Outliers CS provides their clients stability and support, and they have a team-focused environment for the people who work there. They believe that when the team learns, grows and has opportunities for advancement, it translates into results for the clients.

To learn more about Shilan and Outliers CS, click here.

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