Miguel Wilches: How this Young Colombian Entrepreneur Built a 30-Million Dollar Company in less than 2 years

Meet Miguel Wilches, founder of Sunbright Solar and the embodiment of the American Dream.

From an early age, Miguel always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up in Bogota Colombia, he studied at one of the best schools and received impactful opportunities to develop his professional development. He even launched his candy sales organization at the age of 14 which ended up a success. Miguel knew he wanted to impact people positively somehow. Like many other young hispanics, he traveled to the U.S. and started his new journey in a world unknown to become the best entrepreneur possible while creating positive impacts on his community. Throughout his journey, he garnered several certifications in the investment world and more importantly was introduced to the solar industry. Miguel never realized the positive impact the solar industry had on millions of lives around the world and thanks to entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins and Warren Buffet, he knew he wanted to focus his career path on this sector. 

Regardless of the doubt, fear, risks, and failures Miguel knew his purpose in life and grew every day to become his best self and reach his full potential. Thus, he kicked off his own business Sunbright Solar in May 2020 thanks to this positive mindset and determination. What started as a team of friends knocking on doors- turned into a full-blown business. Miguel and his team were able to attract other like-minded business professionals to grow his team, while Miguel became a leader and head of all operations. In just six months, Sunbright Solar launched direct marketing campaigns to attract clientele, formally opened their offices, and as an outcome closed around 6 million dollars in sales. By 2022, Sunbright Solar tripled its sales volume and is projected to hit 30+ million dollars in multiple states in the U.S. with the movement towards greener energy.

Currently, at Sunbright Solar, their mission is to limit and reduce the use of traditional resources in residential homes, while giving opportunities to young professionals that are looking for a very profitable career in sales. Sunbright Solar’s focus is now on building innovative practices to contribute to a brighter, reliable, and affordable future for everyone.

Now Miguel’s main focus is to expand Sunbright Solar to multiple states in the U.S, build his real estate portfolio, and expand his impact in the hispanic community through his personal brand and his podcast si lo crees, lo creas si lo crees, lo creas. This podcast looks to inspire and empower his fellow Hispanic community to help them understand that their limitations are only in their head and that everything is possible with faith, discipline, and commitment. He is also ever-expanding on social media and hoping to create a public event for like-minded Hispanic entrepreneurs. Most importantly, he continues to expand Sunbright Solar’s reach to millions of people and is developing a green energy project in La Guajira, Colombia to help families in his country that lack access to basic resources such as food, water, and electricity to  receive access to these basic necessities. Miguel, who started with only entrepreneurial spirit, devoted blood, sweat and tears to fulfill his purpose in life and give back to those in need. Now he looks back on his accomplishments and understands that it is just the beginning of his journey to create a positive impact for his community. At Sunbright Solar, they are eager to start their next chapter of bringing a sustainable journey to millions more.

For more information on Sunbright Solar check out their website www.sunbrightsolarusa.com and follow Miguel on Instagram @miguelangelwt – add here sunbright’s instagram @sunbright.solar
To join sunbright solar apply here www.sunbrightsolarusa.com/careers

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