Oscar Pedroza Is The Founder of Urbanus, A Retail Store Chain That Offers The Best Quality at Low Prices, While Helping To Preserve The Environment

Oscar Pedroza is quite an amazing Mexican entrepreneur. He is the founder and vice president of Urbanus, a Mexican company of stores located in most service stations. They provide all drivers with access to services such as: basic household supplies, hot and cold drinks, food, telephone recharges and payment services such as electricity, water, cable, tenure, property tax, etc, in a comfortable and safe way 24 hours.

Urbanus offers the best products at low prices, and they always care about the well-being of their customers. 

“Our business areas are focused on energy issues (gas and gas stations), environment, construction and convenience stores. Likewise, in the Valley of Mexico we operate a large part of the verification centers, whose fundamental function is to ensure,  in coordination with the Secretary of Environment, cars circulating in the city have the essential requirements for guarantee the collective well-being of the town, and prevent vehicles in poor condition from polluting the environment”, Oscar explains.

Oscar has a degree in Business Administration from the Anahuac University and at only 26 years old he is a visionary committed to his country and to the new generations to come, in order to provide them with the best possible conditions to achieve all their goals and greatest potential.

Part of Urbanus mission is to provide an amazing shopping experience, quality and good services to the Mexican society, in addition to supporting the country’s economy. What makes them so unique is their contribution and commitment to the environment. In fact, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that they have minimized the carbon footprint of the business by making changes to their transactions and purchasing practices.

Oscar created the company in July 2020, in the middle of the covid pandemic. He was motivated to found a chain of retail stores because he noticed that there was a great need for improvement in the sector, so he decided to take the opportunity. Currently, Urbanus is a company nationally recognized for the high quality of their products and services, as well as for their great contribution to the preservation of the environment.

“For me, success is having a good business culture and also a corporate social responsibility. When creating a business, it’s truly important to have a positive mindset and to be constantly open to change. Also, to have great resilience! The mindset is the most important factor when starting or running a company”, Oscar shares.

The biggest challenge Urbanus has faced so far was the covid-19 pandemic, but despite the global economic crisis, they kept their entire workforce full, knowing that the income of many Mexican families depended on it. 

“In my family, I have always been taught that each one of us has a responsibility and commitment with himself and with society. My father is a successful businessman so I have a great example to follow”, Oscar concludes.

To find out more about Urbanus, follow them on Instagram here. You can also check out their website here.

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