PACEF: Karim Raouik’s New Coaching School with Energy-Based Techniques

Karim Raouik is today’s best energy coach, with techniques developed by himself through a journey of education and self discovery in science and spirituality. “With my own created methods, we can help people and enterprises to grow and fulfill their maximum potential by understanding energy in order to acquire easy, fast and sustainable results with time”, he shares.

Karim started his story as a simple coach with more than 20 years of experience. He possessed different certificates in Ontological Coaching, Gestalt and body psychotherapy. At the same time, he was interested in religions and spiritual paths, which led him to be part of a secret society from Egypt. Being part of this group, he achieved its highest rank.

His knowledge and trajectory made him realize that there was a middle point that connected everything: quantum physics. Karim took physics and quantum physics private classes. After his lessons, he managed to create a complete coaching system and founded PACEF (for its name in Spanish “Programa Avanzado de Conexión Energética a la Fuente”, which translates to Root Energetic Connection Advance Program).

“Energy occupies 99.9% of what our senses perceive. PACEF is a coaching system and study house based on energy from a scientific perspective”, comments Karim. Currently, this coaching school has students in more than 10 countries.

When he understood how to improve his life and the lives of those close to him, Karim decided that he could help more people. In the studies of energy, Field Theory, String Theory and human behavior, he found a recipe for sustainable success.

The world nowadays offers many tools that facilitate the process of starting a business, like the internet, and human beings have infinite necessities, which opens the possibility of creating new products and services. Nevertheless, the true challenge is the mindset an entrepreneur has when beginning this endeavor, he comments. “Investing first in your mind, sooner or later, and probably sooner than later, your mind will fill your pockets. To summarize, mindset is not important, it is EVERYTHING when starting, walking and closing any activity or experience in your life”, exclaims Karim.

In regards to fear, Karim expresses that it is a human’s most natural thing. The question relies on what to do with that fear. “It can boost you if you know how to use it. When starting a business, there are 2 common fears: fear of failure and fear of success; both can be used as fuel to create higher vibration emotions to build”.

PACEF and Karim’s professional ground were inspired by his father. He was the one who drove him to study the depths of the human mind, behavior, emotions and development. The +30 years of experience of his father have been a great legacy that has propelled Karim to be a better person and coach.

“I have a great motivation to help humanity to reach their ultimate goal and develop their potential; we can always be happier and more prosperous. We came to this life to achieve everything we set for ourselves, and I know that in PACEF we have everything required to empower anyone, with real and efficient strategies and techniques”, Karim tells.

In the future, Karim wants to continue helping people to learn, improve and grow with PACEF’s methods. He wishes to reach a million students. Karim’s innovative PACEF works with coaching tactics based on energy from a scientific point of view for enterprises and individuals, with personal techniques developed along his 20 years of experience.

Karim’s final message is: “Let’s make this world a better world for everyone”. If you’re interested in joining Karim with PACEF and his unconventional method, contact its team here

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