Pioneering the Path of Conscious Investment: The Journey of Javi Razo Tangassi

Javi Razo Tangassi is a dynamic and visionary serial entrepreneur, renowned for his exceptional leadership in conscious investment and transformative projects. With a keen eye for emerging trends and an unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, Javi Razo Tangassi has successfully navigated the business landscape, leaving an indelible mark on various industries.

Early Life and Background:

Born in Mexico City Javi Razo Tangassi’s journey began with a foundation rooted in Digital Intelligence, Reputation Management, Digital Agency, Built the first and biggest Digital Media Group.

After many tough lessons and personal growth and development these formative years laid the groundwork for Javi’s future endeavors in the world of business and conscious investment.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

Javi Razo Tangassi’s entrepreneurial journey took off when he founded his first venture, Prowell Group, in 2010. This marked the beginning of his trailblazing career. The company’s emphasis on international crisis management and digital intelligence quickly set it apart in the competitive landscape. His ability to identify emerging markets and align business strategies with social and environmental responsibility catapulted Prowell Group to a quick success.

But for him this was not enough. He was seeking for more meaningful things and to create a positive impact in the world so he sold the business to his partner.

Ventures and Achievements:

Over the years, Javi Razo Tangassi has embarked on a series of ventures, each one a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to conscious investment. Notable achievements include CEO of the Year 2013, Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, he studied Entrepreneurship in Harvard Business School, Sustainability in MIT.

Conscious Investment Advocacy:

Beyond business success, Javi Razo Tangassi is a staunch advocate for conscious investment practices. He firmly believes in the power of capital to drive positive change and has been a vocal proponent of responsible investing. Through Anahata Group he and his partners have created evolutionary institutions and projects like Ayam, Soulspring, CMI, he also participates in Wegamed, and the Educational Platform Learn Life.

Javi Razo Tangassi has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable investment models that create lasting impact and the area that he has promoted the most is wellbeing, he dreams about a world where wellbeing is accessible to all.

Transformative Projects:

One of Javi Razo Tangassi’s hallmark traits is his ability to conceptualize and execute transformative projects. From Wellbeing Real Estate to NeuroTech his innovative approach has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined industry standards.

Philanthropy and Giving Back:

Deeply committed to giving back, Javi Razo Tangassi is also an active philanthropist. He has channeled his success into initiatives focused on prevention of mental health disorders and taking care of the environment with protecting the bees, aiming to create a better world for present and future generations.

Personal Philosophy:

At the core of Javi Razo Tangassi’s entrepreneurial journey is a resolute philosophy: remain a student of life and to serve a purpose bigger than himself to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

This guiding principle continues to shape his decisions and drive his pursuit of impactful ventures.


Javi Razo Tangassi remains an inspirational figure in the world of entrepreneurship, conscious investment, and transformative projects. His legacy serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers alike, illustrating the immense potential that lies at the intersection of business and social responsibility. As Javi Razo Tangassi continues to innovate and lead, the world eagerly anticipates the positive changes yet to come.

His favorite and most popular quote is “Solve a problem for the people, and you will make money. Solve a problem for humanity, and you will leave a dent in the universe.”

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