Raul Luna is Teaching Real Estate Investment to Thousands of Students Based on the Practices that He Uses Everyday and Have Led to His Success.

Some people have a special talent that they may not realize. How people use their talents can range from being entirely self-serving or they can have a big effect on others. For Raul Luna, his talent came in the form of his success in the world of real estate. However, it wasn’t until someone asked him to teach his ways to others that he realized he could help change people’s lives by sharing his talents with others.

“I was investing in real estate. Closing multiple deals per month. People started asking me how I was doing it because I was buying those properties at a discount. I created an intimate event to show them and the room was packed. One person said that they were gonna close a deal within the next 30 days, and they did. Not only that but people started closing deals based on the content I shared and the Raul Luna Academy was born,” Raul recounts.

Now, Raul is still a full time real estate investor, but he also runs an academy where he teaches others how to invest in real estate without using any of the traditional methods. Raul was able to purchase his first investment property at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back since! Even at a young age, his gift was clear.

“I bought my first investment property when I was 19 years old and I was able to live rent free for many years. When I see what investing is doing with people’s lives, I get so inspired. People who thought they didn’t have a chance, now they do and their lives are changing for the better. We now have an academy where we teach people how to invest in real estate without using their own money or credit,” Raul states.

Raul’s academy strives to be different from others by, in his words, practicing what they preach. In other words, Raul himself is going through the same tasks and motions that he is teaching others in his academy; his methods of success are the same as the ones he is telling to his students.

“We teach what we preach. I’m constantly investing in properties. I teach what it’s working for me now, not what it worked 20-30 years ago,” Raul says.

Raul’s piece of advice for all those looking to start their own business and to get involved in the real estate investment world is to become the person you want to get advice from.

“Become the person you want to take advice from.  Maybe the talent is not with you yet, but if you have the discipline and you don’t give up, sooner or later the results will show up,” Raul advises.

Raul’s goal for 2022 is the same goal he has every year, which is to continue to impact people’s lives and teach them the ins and outs of the world of real estate investment. He will host another annual conference in Las Vegas with more than 1,000 people.

To find out more about Raul, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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