RDO World One Group, LLC (RDO) Expands Operations In Kazakhstan.

RDO World One Group, LLC (RDO) specializes in products and services for oil well drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production, and reservoir consulting, oil field development on the EPC mode, logistics and contract management for oil and gas companies. RDO is currently working with local authorities in Trinidad and Tobago for the expansion of new natural gas fields.

The company has many years of experience in the development of oil and gas fields to bring them to their full potential on time and within budget. Some of its past clients include Petroperu, Pemex and Pulse of Energy. RDO is also known for providing selection, purchase, delivery and installation of drilling rigs, oil field production and monitoring equipment.

The company is also setting up representative offices in central Asia to address anticipated increase in operations in the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan. RDO has agreed to serve as a non-exclusive vendor for Darby Energy, through its Kazakhstan based subsidiary to supply equipment for infrastructure and ultimately production. Darby Energy, through its subsidiaries, has licenses to explore for hydrocarbons in South Kazakhstan; its concession covers approximately 22,000 square kilometers in the Kizilordinskoy region. The geological studies and initial exploratory drilling have indicated the existence of substantial salt structures within the licensed territories. Limited seismic testing has already identified numerous bright spots in association with the salt structures. The Company intends to undertake further geological testing and conduct exploratory drilling. The area demonstrates sound infrastructure that includes railway stations, pipelines and refineries.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country located mainly in Central Asia and partly in Eastern Europe. It has one of the world’s largest amounts of accessible mineral and fossil fuel. Development of petroleum, natural gas, and mineral extractions has attracted over $45 billion in foreign investment in Kazakhstan in the last 30 years and accounts for some 57 percent of Kazakhstan’s industrial output. Kazakhstan has the 11th largest proven reserves of both oil and natural gas.

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