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With fortunes won and lost on a daily basis in the crypto-market, it can be hard to find an opening as an everyday investor. Garrison Daceus – better known as Crypto Killa – is out to change that. As a professional trader and forex expert, Garrison was able to quit his 9-5 in order to build his fortune in crypto, building up a six-figure portfolio along the way. Garrison now looks to share his expertise with the everyday investor through his Killa Academy, democratizing the crypto game so that everyone has a chance to make it big in the blockchain-fueled gold rush of our generation. 

“My goal with Killa Academy is to mentor other investors, helping them generate real profits in the trading markets and leading them to financial freedom one day at a time. When I realized how trading had impacted my life I wanted to do the same for others. So I laid out my blueprint step-by-step in my Killa Academy so that others could easily duplicate my success with cryptocurrency and forex.”

Unlike plenty of other “crypto-academies” out there, Crypto Killa’s is built on hard-won experience in the forex market. Coming out of a string of uninspired 9-5 jobs, Garrison decided to take on the forex market in the heat of COVID-19, putting his life savings and full attention into crypto. And while he freely admits that his first foray with crypto resulted in tough losses, the young entrepreneur soon turned his initial failures into financial success. 

“In November of 2020, I started my work with forex. In the first two months of trading, I lost $7,000. I remained persistent because I knew the amount of opportunities in the future would be worth it. In January of 2021, I made my first profit of $21,000 in the first week of the year. Fast forward a few months, and I now work with cryptos full time. I am able to buy and hold, and also started getting into solid projects of monetary value before they break out. In May of 2021 I celebrated earning $200k in my crypto portfolio.”

Now Garrison is focused on building his own crypto academy, lending to other investors the advice that he wished he had when taking his own leap into the lucrative crypto space. From daily discord tips, to full-on one-on-one lessons with the Crypto Killa himself, Garrison’s academy offers lessons for investors at every stage of their crypto journey. Whether you are fresh to the space or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to discuss the next big opportunity, Killa Academy has you covered.

“I’m still very grounded no matter how much money I’ve made,” shares Garrison, “and I’m still very keen on customer service and the ‘customer is always right’ mentality. I am constantly active within Killa Academy, always answering questions and engaging with all of my students from every level of investing, helping them out any and every way possible.”

Moving forward, Garrison is looking to build his audience and shepherd others towards crypto-backed financial freedom. With new players in the space and a widening array of investment options, now more than ever new investors require a steady hand to guide them forward. Crypto Killa is there to provide that steady hand, steering his mentees through tough times and market booms alike, while never taking his eyes off the prize.

You can follow Garrison on Instagram (@crypto1killa) and sign up for Killa Academy on his website

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