Real Estate Can Change Lives for Both Realtors and the People They are Helping. Find Out More Below.

The experience of leaving one’s home country and settling in another provides many with the opportunity to reinvent themselves and explore new fields of work, as well as discover what they are truly passionate about. A discovery that can not only pay dividends but also bring great personal satisfaction and the desire to push others to reach their full potential.

When leaving your home, an important next step is buying a piece of property, whether that be a home or land, in order to put down roots and further establish yourself in your new home. This is where a real estate company comes in handy! Not only can they help you get a good scope of the new place you are moving to, but they can also assist in finding the place that will make you feel the most at home in your new environment.

A company that does just that is eXp Realty LLC. Their goal is to ensure that people are given opportunities to build wealth in a way that is typically reserved for the ultra wealthy who are able to buy land and property and increase their assets. Additionally, they pride themselves on creating stability for people in a way that buying a house only can!

One of the many real estate agents who work for eXp Realty LLC is Adebayo Adebowale, better known as Bayo. After buying a piece of land in Nigeria and selling it after a couple of years for double its initial price, he decided to make real estate his full time job. He started learning real estate investment in 2014 and eventually decided to become a real estate agent in Houston, Texas. Since then, he has become a leader in the real estate industry and has founded his own real estate consulting firm: Abiari LLC.

“People are afraid and want security, which limits their achievements. To start a business, you have to have faith that you are going to succeed. Fear and faith cannot coexist. So an entrepreneur has to choose between faith and fear. So let the will to succeed create faith in you, not fear. Remember that faith is the certainty of what is hoped for and the conviction of what is unseen. Let the fear of the unknown give birth to faith in you. Get out of your comfort zone because in it you will not grow,” Bayo states.

Abiari LLC puts a major focus on mentorship, education, taking action, perseverance and persistence no matter the obstacle. By connecting mentors with newcomers in the real estate business, it is easy to learn from mistakes and prevent common pitfalls that would damage the career of someone who is just starting off on their real estate journey. In essence, their goal is to prevent people from failing before even getting the chance to establish themselves.

Additionally, Abiari LLC does not measure success in the same way for everyone that they mentor. For some people, success may mean connecting families with the house or property that fits their needs, yet for others, it may mean being successful enough to support their own personal or family needs. What each person takes away from the journey is up to them. For Abiari LLC it is simply important that they learn the tools to keep them at whatever they measure success as. 

Bayo Adebowale is a real estate agent located in Houston, Texas. He is associated with eXp Realty LLC as well as Abiari LLC.

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