Rosana Viviani has Conquered Many Obstacles In her Life. Now, She is Helping People Conquer Theirs! Find Out Her Story Below.

It is difficult to adjust to rapidly changing situations. Life tends to throw numerous curve balls our way, and many people find that they cannot adjust quickly enough to keep up. For many people, these changes come from our personal lives and affect every other aspect of our day to day routines. This was the case for Rosana Viviani. Though you would not be able to tell by the way she lives now, her life drastically changed just a few years ago and she almost lost everything.

“Today I am a happily married woman and mother of two daughters. But it was not always like this. I came to this country more than 20 years ago; I had a successful professional career in Corporate Image and Marketing in my country. After a bad divorce, I became a single mother in a country that was not mine, I was without a family to support me and in a place where they did not speak my language. It was really a challenge!” Rosana recounts.

What helped her stay afloat was her attitude and mindset. She had always strived to constantly challenge herself and try new things, so when life got difficult, she didn’t see it as an obstacle, but rather as a challenge that could teach her about herself.

“It is essential to have the correct mindset; a focused and positive mind. This proves to be difficult and challenging when you start a business; because. doubts and fear overwhelm you. It is at this point that you must be strong as a rock; believe in yourself, in your team. This is essential in every beginning.

I, particularly, had a lot to learn and practice at the beginning. I learned that failure is part of any start up, I learned to be flexible, take risks and most importantly walk by faith,” Rosana remarks.

Now, Rosana is dedicating her life to helping people who lack the financial literacy that she has, so that they can build better lives and improve their credit. Not only is she helping people with their credit, she is also teaching them about financial literacy. In other words, not just giving someone a fish, but teaching them to fish as well!

“Our scope of services goes from educating our clients in building their credit profile to helping them obtain businesses that will generate passive income for them.

We help those who do not have credit to build a solid one; those who have bad credit we help repair it; those who have good credit we help them to get lines of credit that will allow them to start the business of their dreams or grow the one they currently have,” Rosana explains.

What differentiates Rosana and her business is that she treats each person as unique and their financial profile as unique. For her, there is not a catch-all solution, but rather each person has their own set of financial goals and answers that can help them gain their financial freedom.

“Each person is unique, but what really differentiates me is that, despite being pragmatic and attached to numbers and results, my focus is on customer service. I always start from the principle: “Treat others as you would like others to treat you”. That makes me different, in a world where there is no time for anything, I dedicate time to the clients. They are my company’s best asset and a great source for referrals,” Rosana states.

Rosana has numerous exciting updates for her business and her customers coming up in the future. To keep track of all that she is doing, follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.

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