Meet Brayan Ruiz: The Successful Mentor Who Is Revolutionizing The Businesses And Investments Of Entrepreneurs And Businessmen In Latam

Brayan Ruiz is quite an amazing businessman, entrepreneur and business and investments mentor. Currently, he runs two different businesses: Éxodo Capital, a financial education company and investments, and Brayan Ruiz, his personal brand and a business and investment mentoring company. Brayan has always had entrepreneurship in his veins. He started his first business, a food […]

Daniel Lopez Is the Entrepreneur Who Was Born in a Humble Neighborhood and Now Has a Successful Network Marketing Business, With Which He Helps Thousands of People Change Their Lives!

Daniel Lopez is quite an amazing businessman, entrepreneur, network marketing specialist, leader and mentor. He was born in Medellin, Colombia, in a low-income area and had a rather humble childhood. His parents were hard workers and they taught Daniel the value of self-improvement, which represents one of the greatest lessons in his life. Thanks to […]