The Big Buff is The Successful Social Network That is Predicted to Become the Competition of Instagram, Tiktok and More. Join Below!

Information and communication technology has changed rapidly over the past 20 years, with a key development being the emergence of social media. Billions of people around the world use it to share information and make connections. Connectivity is among the most significant benefits of social media networks, it can link countless users at any time, everywhere. Information could be spread globally through social media and its connectedness, making it simple for people to interact with one another. It results in global relationships!

In that sense, The Big Buff is a social media and subscription platform where users can share any type of content. The platform was born in Mexico, with the main objective that users enjoy the many benefits of technology, while continuing to be themselves in a world increasingly full of censorship. Therefore, The Big Buff represents an innovative web experience, which has quickly achieved great success!

“We want to be the app that people look for first, we want to create more than a platform, a community, a family and carry out innovative ideas that allow users to live unique experiences. We will be the best future social network in the world”, shares Fernando Ramirez, CEO of The Big Buff.

The idea of creating this platform was born from the need for a change. Fernando and his team wanted to change the rules of the game and be able to tell all users “use our app without problem, enjoy while we take good care of you.” Also, it was born from the idea of not fitting in, of not feeling identified anywhere. For this reason, they decided to create an app where all users feel welcome and can share content that represents them.

“The Big Buff is for the innovators, brilliant, enthusiastic, lovers, crazy, passionate, dreamers and above all, those who don’t know where they are going. In the app, we will all support them because more than a community, we are a family!”, Fernando adds.

The big buff was born in 2019 as an idea, then it took one year to plan it, one year to execute it and one year to launch it. Now, Fernando and his team have had sales of more than USD $300,000 in a month, from companies that want to advertise in The Big Buff. However, the official launch of the platform internationally will be next January 10th.

The great competition of The Big Buff right now are the large social media platforms of the world. But The Big Buff stands out above other similar networks because it concentrates all the great characteristics of other networks, all in one! In addition, it offers many differentiating factors, which users will be able to see for themselves and enjoy starting next month.

What’s more, Fernando is called Papale by the former American football player, Vince Papale, because he entered the big leagues a little late just like Fernando. At 23 years old many believe that he got started in the world of technology late, but they also admit that he will be successful like no one else!

At The Big Buff, the entire team is Mexican even though the company is an LLC founded in the United States. From now on, it is predicted that the platform will quickly become the competition for big social networks such as Only Fans, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok.

“We want to take solid steps, we are about to launch streaming phases and more things that will be available in The Big Buff. Everything will be in a single app and that will be a total success! We also plan in a few years to officially move our headquarters to the United States and go public at some point. We know we’re going to make it, it’s just a matter of time!”, Fernando details.

Without a doubt, The Big Buff is here to stay and to revolutionize the world of social networks! To find out more about the platform, follow it on Instagram here and check out its website here.

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